Texas Baseball Fall 2021 Schedule

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    Baseball announces 2021 fall schedule - University of Texas Athletics

    How is it I'm the first one to post this here???

    Summary (please pardon the sloppy formatting):

    All five of the Longhorns' fall games are open to the public and admission is free.

    2021 Fall Baseball Schedule
    Date Game Time
    October 24 vs. San Jacinto College 1 p.m. (TSRN, see SabreHorn's post below)
    October 31 vs. McLennan CC 1 p.m. (Longhorn Network)
    November 4 Fall World Series Game 1 TBA
    November 5 Fall World Series Game 2 TBA
    November 6 Fall World Series Game 3 TBA
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    So, do we start our top starters, or use these games against JCs like pre-season NFL games—to try out the new guys and see how they do?

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    Fall ball is and should be a free for all to try out players at positions, see what you have in the young arms and give the veterans some no pressure games to loosen the muscles etc. There will be a ton of pressure on this team come February as I predict they will be pre-season top three so this fall is chance to see what additional pieces Pierce has to play with in an already stacked team.
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    This Sunday's game with San Jac is to be televised on the TSRN network, but as of 4 this afternoon, no one in Bellmont had called them back to confirm the arrangements. TSRN broadcasts almost all of San Jac's games and the JUCO world series.

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