Texas @ Baylor 01/22/2023

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    Just a gentle reminder that last year we lost to Tech at home and then to Kansas at home and then to OU on the road and then twice to Baylor all by Feb 6th. Many on here were complaining that Vic needed to adjust his game and stop being so close minded about a zone defense. Vic kept saying eventually the players would realize his game plan was right..

    Then we won 14 in a row ending with a B12 Tourney Championship and an Elite 8 appearance.

    My money is always on Vic and the Horns. And more often than not (74%), I’m happy.

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    Finally. Takes way too long for UT to post these.
    Vic says "I didn't press today. Not one possession". Then laughs later and says "I might wanna stop pressin ". Did anyone notice were weren't pressing during the game?
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    With all the new folks and injuries, Texas will have to work very hard the next 11 games to have a season as good as Vic's first year. (Last year was stellar, but folks had two years to adjust to Vic's system.) Winning the remaining 6 home games would be wonderful and throwing in a couple of road wins on top of those, would be incredible.
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    Yes, I noticed that there was no press at all. When I asked him at the beginning of the year why some games he lets up on the press, he took exception to that and said they ALWAYS press.
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    Well, now you have ammunition to pin him down next year. I look forward to your report! :D
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    Collen talks a lot, but I do learn things from what she says.

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    Thank you for posting! This just reaffirms my belief that you should always listen/gather your own context, because in actually watching it I have a completely different take on how she answered the Gaston/Smith comparison question vs what I have seen posted previously. I thought it was about as classy as you can be in responding to that type of question, ESPECIALLY when you disagree.

    And if we’re being honest, why wouldn’t she disagree? In the only season she coached Nalyssa she averaged 22 pts and 12 rebs a game. That’s nearly double where Deyona is this season, which has objectively been her best so far. For those that know me, it’s crystal clear I love D and all the strides she’s made as a player and I think her best basketball is yet to come, But Nalyssa Smith is a 2x All-American, B12 POY, National POY, Final 4 MVP and National Champion. They shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence quite yet. And rather than Nicki going through the lengthy list of reasons of why they shouldn’t be compared, she instead focused on ways that she’s seen Gaston improve her game and said at least 4 different times that she’s “a really good player”. Not quite sure what else you could ask for in that situation.
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    I think the Waco media likes to start stuff too. They spent a lot of time trying to get Nicki and the players worked up before the game with their "do you know how important it is to beat Texas" questions. And then with the post-game question about Vic's comparison of Dee to NS, it sounds like they failed to tell Nicki that what Vic actually said was something like "she has a little bit of that Nalyssa Smith in her". That isn't the same as saying Dee is comparable to NS. The Waco media seems a little amateurish to me other than the Smoak guy who does the 365Sports show which is actually very good.
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    Yeah, I think that’s right.
    The NS comparison is just to give Dee something to shoot for.
    Someone handed Nicki a turd and she tried to juggle it without getting anything on her and did ok.
    Vic however would have said something like “Gosh ya’ll, she’s a really good player and gave us a ton of trouble in the post, we really didn’t handle her well, gotta play harder. She’s a great, great player, I don’t think she’s NaLyssa level yet, but she’s got a ton of potential and sure gave us fits tonight...praisethelordhookem”
    Nicki just lost a very important game to her community. One that she invested a lot of energy, effort, and emotion on and she still had the grace to get up there and answer silly questions.
    If it was me the AD would have sat me down later to talk about my language in the post-game interviews.
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    You sound JUST like Vic. Now do the Seahag. :D
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    Damn, racerx...you just cracked my phone screen.
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    Oh my, that's disgusting! I'm gonna try real hard to un-see that for the rest of the day.
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