Texas-Baylor Game Thread

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Dionysus, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    6 of 8 on 4th down didn't help. Card is better if we're not going to pass block any better than we did yesterday. He's way more mobile. To me it's that simple.
  2. CreakyHorn

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    There are a group who believe that Card should be starting over Ewers. The reasoning appears to be that we could have won a game or two more this season. Are we assuming that the other team would have recognized the awesomeness of Mr. Card and just folded? Was there some other factor that would have guaranteed victory? Many folks have focused on whether 8-4 is adequate and how we could have done better. I haven't see any discussion of what Sark emphasized over and over again. He certainly understood the importance of winning games but his vision is more long term. He is instilling a winning culture. Are the players buying in? Do they want to continue playing for this school. Do recruits see this school as a place they want to be? I think the answers to all those questions are a resounding "Yes". I think Sark is on the right path, and I'm willing to support him and his team as they continue to grow.
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  3. Statalyzer

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    Thinking Card might have made a difference against TCU - a game where Ewers played awful even with the D stacking the box to stop Bijan, is hardly hating. Losing to Tech when we scored 34 is also hardly evidence that we couldn't have scored more than 3 on TCU.
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  4. Texas Lawhorn

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    How about instilling a winning culture by just winning? I think Sark could have pulled Ewers and maybe won one of those games. That would have meant being in the Big XII Championship.
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  5. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    This. Thank you law horn

    this culture excuse is getting pretty thin by now. Can’t install a winning culture if you keep losing winnable games! Or by having a culture of entitlement for star players.
    No, actually Sark missed a couple of great opportunities to do something about fixing the culture thing this season.
    sark was not playing 3 dimensional chess when we lost to OSU or TCU somehow making us better in 2023 for it.
    He was just blowing it.
    in a year when the big 12 was there for us to take, we let it go.

    Still, 8-4 is an improvement. And something to build on. It’s just we have been here a few times as of late and I sure hope it’s different this time around. 10-2 and a spot in the conf championship would have been something else,
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  6. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    Ewers had 2 games where he threw in the 40% or so. Even at 55% we'd of had a decent chance to win. Card was throwing them at 68%, so yes, I think we could have won TCU and OSU. I mean I'm happy with 8-4, but one more win and we're playing for the CC. That's the goal, not 3rd place. Let's just hope TCU wins out and gets an NC birth and we get a solid bowl invite.
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  7. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    9,10 wins and a berth in the CG game >>> a .666 record and something something culture change.
    One in hand is worth more than two in the bush.
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  8. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    No, there's a group who think that Card should have been inserted when Ewers was stumbling around and obviously not playing well.
    Card may have sparked the team to a win.
    Ewers may have learned a little something riding the pine for a quarter or three.
    I am one of those.
    But never have I implied Card should start over Ewers.
    TCU's QB lost the starting job only to get it back through injury.
    Look at him now.
    If Ewers psyche is so delicate that being benched when playing like crap destroys him then is he the one we want anyway?
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  9. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 2,500+ Posts

    I'm embarrassed for you Phil. The tech game is on Sark for not letting Card win the game. Instead, his strategy was run into a brick wall for 3 and outs and give it back to an offense that the Texas defense couldn't slow down, especially on 3rd and 4th down.

    I don't favor Card or Ewers, all I've ever wanted was the QB that gives us the best chance to win. But what did we get? Do you realize Card's worst performance ever, his 2nd game ever against a good piggie defense, was far superior to what Ewers did vs okie lite and tcu? Did you know Ewers game vs okie lite was the worst of the season of all FBS QB's? Quite honestly, it's flat our absurd to think Card would've been worse. Card improved significantly from his 1st season and was continuing to improve this season.

    The most ironic thing to me is all the things Card was criticized for last year (holding the ball too long, can't hit the deep ball, fumbling) Ewers has actually been worse. And the absolute stupidity I've read elsewhere, "I'd rather lose with Ewers because Card will never amount to anything" again is dumber than road kill. How do we know Ewers will ever live up to the hype? How many games do we have to lose with Ewers we could've won with Card so the light can come on?

    Reality is Texas would be playing in the CCG if Sark wasn't too egotistical to admit there are times when Card would be a better option than a QB who is simply lost. And that's not unexpected for a RS Freshman. But damn, that WV true Freshman QB was a lot better against okie lite than Ewers. It's sickening Card didn't get a chance. Every single B12 team lit up the okie lite pass defense but Texas and ISU, and we certainly know how much the ISU QB sucks.

    Yes, there are times when Ewers is on he should be playing before Card, but it seems like every coach in football but Sark knows that sometimes you have to bench your starter when he's having a bad day and let the back up come in a win a very winnable game.
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  10. old65horn

    old65horn 1,000+ Posts

    Maybe OSU, but not TCU. OL could not pass or run block in that game.
  11. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    I think Cards legs might have made a difference in the TCU game.
    They would have to account for that extra runner out of the backfield.
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  12. Phil Elliott

    Phil Elliott 2,500+ Posts

    Yeah cuz I so care what you think.

    OK fine then y'all start a thread to ***** about Sark's choices instead of laying all the losses, even the ones he did not play in, at QE's feet.

    I am not trying to be a big QE fan nor tell you he is or is not the best choice. I just take exception to people ON THIS THREAD ABOUT THE BAYLOR GAME WHICH WE WON telling me and the world how terrible Ewers is.
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  13. Phil Elliott

    Phil Elliott 2,500+ Posts

    You don't know that anymore than I do unless you have some special powers that I am not aware of.
  14. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 2,500+ Posts

    When you spout of things such as, "You QE haters that think Card is the clear choice at QB, please explain how we lost to unranked TTU", I would suggest at least 98% of the people posting here do know more than you. Hopefully that includes me, I dunno. One thing I do know, a HS coach I know who has won nearly 300 games and been on the playoffs over 25 times agrees with me 100%.

    Sorry I upset you with my original post. But I also haven't read anything here that would indicate QE hater. But I'd be more than happy to have even a Case McCoy come in when the starter, no matter how talented, is clearly having a really bad day.
  15. havoc7701

    havoc7701 Sponsor and Aggy Ridiculer

    Sheesh the way this thread is going one would think we lost to Baylor. I for one am glad we are 8-4 and not any worse; look forward to a good bowl game match-up and am seeing bright possibilities for next season.
  16. old65horn

    old65horn 1,000+ Posts

    Our OL was totally overwhelmed by TCU. Robinson had about 26 yards for they. There was no place for Card to Tun. Remember Ark 2021
  17. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Pretty normal to look back well after a game is over and talk about what could have been.
  18. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    It’s interesting to me how readily some of you forgive and forget Ewers atrocious play from just a few weeks ago yet can’t seem to let go of Cards worst game from over a year ago.

    I get that Ewers was a blue chip and all that. We all want him to be a badass. But he’s just not there yet and we had serviceable options. In Stillwater and against TCU that is all we needed. Serviceable play.
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  19. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Yeah it's tough to say. Mack also improved from his own 5-7 to go 8-5, 9-4, 8-5. Herman improved from Charlie's 5-7 and his own 6-6 to go 10-4, 8-5, 7-3. Neither of those were good enough. Has Sark hit his ceiling already as well?

    History suggests that's likely, as 6-3 in conference and 8-4 regular season already ties his best year ever as a coach, but it's hardly a sure thing. It'll be interesting to see without Bijan, Roschon, Overshown, and a few others, but we do have a lot of talent that's still gonna be around with an extra year in the system. And maybe NIL will even bring Bijan back for another year if he thinks he can make a few million and win the Heisman?
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  20. Your Wrong

    Your Wrong 250+ Posts

    Perhaps the biggest legacy those 3 players leave behind is for those that follow them to play their butts off particularly Overshown on the defensive side.
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  21. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    Still trying to figure out how Longhorn fans are happy with 8-4? At Texas- 8-4 is not good enough. Improvement from 5-7 -yes. But Sark took us down from 7-3. So I’m comparing him to 7-3.

    At Texas we should be Top Ten every year. We are a blue blood program and not Baylor or Kansas State where 8-4 is considered great.

    8-4 every year gets you nuked at OU, Ohio State, LSU, USC etc…
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  22. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Please point out who’s happy.

    Also please point out why 7-3 from the previous coach matters given what a turd he was.
  23. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    8-4 is realistic given 2 freshman OL and injuries at key positions (QB and WR).
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  24. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Further previous coach was going to flame out by negative recruiting against Texas. Sark is going to have back to back top 3 recruiting classes. Herman was heading to back to back top 15 classes (at best).
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  25. mchammer

    mchammer 10,000+ Posts

    Happy? Yeah, last year’s epic OL class and Arch Manning coming in this year. You can already see the national buzz in terms of coverage this past year (2 game days at Austin for example).
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  26. Godz40acres

    Godz40acres Happy Feller

  27. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 5,000+ Posts

    maybe, considering your reasons, 8-4 is realistic. But everyone feels like we left something on the table. And that's not due to injuries but coaching decisions or non decisions rather.
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  28. Pickle_Nuts

    Pickle_Nuts Will travel with tickets.

    8-4 is better.

    Ewers is still so young, I am optimistic about his growth. Arch will hopefully be an asset for the QB room with attitude and pedigree, the focus needs to be on the mental preparation.

    Quinn has the talent, he lacks the confidence to play at a high level consistently.
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  29. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    It’s an improvement over last year. Whoopdeeshit. Last year was inexcusable.

    Mind you. we have been at this same threshold (and even better) several time before in the last decade, going .666 does not mean much if you ask me.

    on the bright side, our defense, our OL are playing better.
    Does any of this mean we’re back. Or even on the right track. remains to be seen.

    Is Sark had not blown 2 or 3 games this year if feel a whole lot more confident.

    so no I am not thrilled about 8-4 nor am I all that confident in Sark. These last two seasons have showed us he is great analyst and can script some wonderful drives. He is not a good game day coach When his script doesn’t work or the other team makes adjustments.
    The Baylor game was hopefully a sign he can make adjustments going forward and not just an anomaly
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  30. IvanDiabloHorn

    IvanDiabloHorn 1,000+ Posts

    The officiating crew for Baylor is the same one we had at Okie State.
    In eight quarters of play, this crew called one penalty for two yards against Baylor and Okie State combined.
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