Texas football’s Chris Samuels dies

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by moondog_LFZ, Nov 28, 2021.

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    Rest in peace, Chris.
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    I think the NFL did something right when it began the campaign about mental illness.
    It’s curable, depression has nothing to do with weakness. As men we tend to think that. I apologize to the females here, I am a man so that’s all I can speak of from personal knowledge.
    Folks- if anyone has issues here- let someone know. Please.

    This doesn’t stop the pain- it only shifts the pain to people who care most about you.
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    I remember the blow he took on the opening kickoff against Miami in the Cotton Bowl… It was a delayed knock out.
    He was on the Shock the nation tour that won in spite of David McWilliams.
    Great kid and later man.
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    Prayers for Chris and his family
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    I was the ball boy on our sideline, for that game. It was scary to see him stagger off the field. He was the “straw that stirred the drink” for our team, that year. People made a big deal about Butch Hadnot, but Chris Samuels could run inside, outside, and over the top.. He could catch the ball out of the backfield, too. A gracious, happy, team player and leader, out of Converse Judson. Part of fhe “San Antonio Crew” that was in Coach McWilliams first recruiting class. He will be truly missed.. Comfort, Peace, Strength be upon his family, loved ones, and teammates, in Jesus’ Name..
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