Texas-Iowa State Game Thread

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Dionysus, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. VYFan

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    That’s a little simplistic. On some scrambles, he throws TD passes. 7 points is better than 2nd and ten. Makes sense to me.
  2. moondog_LFZ

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    But if the TD isn't there, get rid of the damn ball.
    Makes sense to ME! ;)
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    we had a QB several decades ago and the first year he was sacked about 10 times a game....the second year….they coaches had him getting out of the pocket to throw and if no one was open, he heaved it out of pounds....saved a TON of yardage!
  4. VYFan

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    So I see in the stat sheet, Sam had 2 sacks. I am pretty sure one was when he tried to scramble up the middle and got “sacked” for about a one-yard loss. Remind me of the single other one that suggests he is a “statue” in the pocket waiting to get sacked....

    So, he did have more TD passes than sacks.
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  5. moondog_LFZ

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    Well, I'm not just talking about one game.
    He's the the most sacked QB in the B12.
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  6. dukesteer

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    True, but the stat was severely skewed by one game, OU, in which we were out-schemed by their (now suspect) D. Sam did hold the ball too long, too often, in that game and I agree that he needs to be more aware. But I also wonder how much of the problem has to do with play-calling and the inability of our OC to adjust.
  7. Dionysus

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    Why not continue doing what’s working?

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  8. Psyclone

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    Iowa State has a long history of missing game winning field goals or game winning plays. Here are just a few.
    • Alabama beat us in a bowl game on a controversial missed field goal, that ESPN thought was good. That only got the fans lathered up, but personally I felt the guy standing under the goal post has the best view and probably called it right. Feeling cheated doesn't change the outcome so why hang on to a loss that way?
    • We missed a game winner against Missouri that would have put us in the Big 12 Championship game.
    • We missed a chance to send Nebraska to the Big 10 on a two game losing streak to ISU, when we opted to go for the win and failed on a wide open two-point conversion.
    • Most recently the failed two point conversion against Oklahoma when we choose to go for the win.
    • Remember the Texas fumble that was not called a fumble as UT drove for the winning TD a number of years ago? That stings.
    • Four picked up flags against KSU a couple years ago. That was criminal.
    A lot of us still can't believe the FG was good. It seldom happens that way for us. But even with that big victory, we didn't rush the field which we have done with regularity for big wins. Had we lost it would have been our third loss in a row. That's too many for a team we believe is pretty good.
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  9. Chop

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    At the beginning of the year, I had y'all (ISU) at 3rd in the conference behind UT and OU. Strange year.

    Rhule is the biggest story.
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  10. mb227

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    That page was somehow omitted from The Binder...and if it isn't in The Binder, it cannot be done.
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    No, the dog ate that page.
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  12. nashhorn

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    Scanning through game tonight I have two comments, I’m not sure Sam has go ahead to change plays based on what he sees or he does not do a good job changing if he does and 2), 10 yards middle of field was wide open sooooo often. A sad display of offense creativity.
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  13. nashhorn

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    Good Lord, this is worse the second time. We make their D look like Ga, or Al, or even ND in the 60’s. That 4th down we ran to our overloaded right side but guess what? They were overloaded to the same side, darn Sam change the darn play or call a blasted time out.
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