Texas LB Juwan Mitchell enters NCAA transfer portal

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by EDT, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    Our people lack maturity today because most have abandoned any real foundation for understanding, wisdom, discernment and the responsibility to things higher than one's own internalizing and self absorbed indulgence/seeking (no accountability to nor respect for higher authority and expectations/constraints/discipline/order). Consequently, we have a superficial, shallow culture and one feeds the other - so it is a self perpetuating and fulfilling circle of influence.
    Immature people with no real foundation for beliefs/thought create just that kind of culture which influences/fosters more of the same (type of people).

    Also, I'll add kids aren't expected or made to work and held accountable at a young age for pulling their weight and for their contribution, so....lazy bodies = lazy minds)
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  2. Sheldon Cooper

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    Some have said that the 1920's were such a self indulgent time that it ruined a whole generation, however the great depression was such a hard time it hardened a people enough to create the greatest generation ever.

    Maybe we need another great depression to turn our young people into something better than they are.
  3. RainH2burntO

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    Good idea, but, alas....people do not take away the right lessons from challenges today that they once did. Rather than rel(p)ent and change course...they double and triple down on their ill-fated behavior.
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  4. ut1969

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    When my son and I went up to check out his future college in 2016, we did a tour of the dorms. One thing I noticed was the dorms had a lot of older people working in the dorms compared to when I lived in dorms back in the 80s. The last dorm we looked at had a dorm mother who was easily pushing 80. I asked her about all the older people working in the dorms and she told me students today don't know how to take care of themselves like my generation.
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  5. dukesteer

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    The Participation Trophy Generation.
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  6. NRHorn

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    Not all, gents.
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  7. RainH2burntO

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    And we are in the process of creating a WHOLE lot more as we speak.
    The people who want what they have seen others enjoying have been lied to about the formula.
    They act like there's some cheat code everyone else has been given but them.
    There is no cheat code.
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  8. X Misn Tx

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    Listen, I don't blame the guy. Coaches gotta be able to teach the basics!

    If this coaching staff can't teach a guy how not to spear an opponent, then a player has to go where coaches can help him to not target players every other effing game.

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  9. RainH2burntO

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    Again I wish him the best and though this is a Juwan forum I personally do not have him specifically in mind w some of my posts. Some of it may apply and some likely doesn't.
    All I will say specifically about him is he has a ton of football talent and potential and together both we and he didnt do enough to fully harness it.
  10. X Misn Tx

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    I honestly liked watching him play (except for the one facet of his game that was frustrating to me)
  11. Chop

    Chop 5,000+ Posts

    Grade problems, huh?

    The Bayou City beckons.

    (and I'm clearly not talking about Rice...)

    I just don't want to see him lining up against us wearing Crimson in the Cotton Bowl some October.
  12. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Has any school picked up New Jersey Juwan yet?? I have not seen any news of a transfer. Reading the accolades on this board, I thought he would be snapped up immediately.
  13. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    If I counted correctly there have been 165 linebackers in the portal so far this year. Some have found homes and some haven't, but I don't even see him on the list yet. Adeoye is still available and he is the 4th highest rated linebacker still available.

    Overall I think players might need to slow their roll when it comes to transferring and the attitude that comes with their perceived ability to "control their own destiny". The good teams have their pick when it comes to filling needs and there are a lot of options.

    Speaking of options, I see some really good linebacker talent still out there. I wonder if we are targeting any of them.

    2021 Football Transfer Portal
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  14. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I hope the new coach does not allow him to rejoin the team after quitting and entering the portal on the first day of spring practice.
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  15. Duck Dodgers

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    Almost all football players had multiple teams more or less begging for them to sign, with all sorts of ego boosting stuff like jerseys printed up with their names on it, created video clips of them scoring winning TD's for that team, etc.

    So when it doesn't work out for them, they revert back to their HS recruiting phase for the amount of attention and interest they think they will bring. But there aren't' as many transfer spots as incoming freshmen spots, the player is going to have less time at that school to train up, and frankly, if you haven't been able to cut the mustard at your current school, another one is thinking what's wrong with this guy?

    So unless you're a star and the portal is a free agency for your last year or so, it's a much harder sell to find another spot.

    And yeah, if I was coach once you announce your portal-age, I'd be done with you, to the point of baring you from the team area and having you packed up from the dorm if possible.
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  16. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Agree. Unless that player is a critical need, cut ties immediately and take them off scholarship if that's legal. I have no idea how that contract works these days.
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  17. Duck Dodgers

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    I'm curious about athletic scholarships as well.

    Are they given for all 4 years, or on a yearly basis?
    If you get hurt and can't play, do you continue receiving the scholarship?
    If you quit the sport, but want to keep at the same school, do you keep the scholarship (that would be my plan - get a 4 year scholarship inked in place, then say so long suckers, thanks for the free college).
    If you quit or say you're porting, do you have to immediately leave the athletic dorm and the long, long buffet table, or can close out that semester?
  18. Pomspoms

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    Didn't know there was that much portalling going on. It's a risk to portal.
  19. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    From the NCAA website. My daughters coach made it very clear that scholarships are a one year contract that is renewed each year but that is JUCO. According to the info below it looks similar in the NCAA except that players can be offered multi year scholarships which do not need to be renewed which I assume is the deal in all major D1 sports. I would love it if we went to single year scholarships since kids can just "opt out" if they want to.

    "Division I schools may provide student-athletes with multiyear scholarships...If a school plans to reduce or not renew a student-athlete’s aid, the school must notify the student-athlete in writing by July 1 and provide an opportunity to appeal. In most cases, coaches decide who receives a scholarship, the scholarship amount and whether it will be renewed."
  20. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 2,500+ Posts

    Scholarships are for one year at a time, I know that much. I've read about that several times.
    If you get hurt and can't play most schools will let you ride for four years but are not obligated.
    If you quit then you are gone, no scholarship.
    Seems to me if you quit the sport in the middle of the season the scholarship has already been paid then you finish the semester but that's just speculation.
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  21. Duck Dodgers

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    Sounds reasonable.
  22. BevoJoe

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    Ha ha ha! Yep! And it’s harder if you’re stupid!
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  23. horninchicago

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    Why are you looking at me when you say that?

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  24. SabreHorn

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    Because I wasn't in the room?
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  25. BLucky

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    Thinking out loud here....I believe there is a medical scholarship for those that can't play as a result of injury. They don't count against the 85 cap.
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  26. BevoJoe

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  27. Denmark

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    Who said they should be?
  28. horninchicago

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    Since you quoted me, I will assume you read the comments leading up to my comment and come up with that answer.

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