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    Billy Dale, running back for the 1968-1970 Longhorns, is one of the founders of the Texas Legacy Support Network. Billy asked if we could post something about TLSN here to help bring some exposure to the work they do. There is terrific historical content, including some amazing photos, on the TLSN website.

    TLSN is the first private charitable and tax-exempt org with the specific mission of offering temporary financial assistance to qualifying former Longhorn student-athletes, coaches, student managers, trainers, and their immediate families. Longhorn athletes who, through no fault of their own, have fallen through societal safety nets.

    The TLSN website is a free Longhorn Sports historical, educational, and insightful website building bridges to link past, present, and future Longhorns. TLSN is a 501(c)(3) composed of educational and charitable components.

    The website is a collection of UT history, traditions, legacies, culture, individual records, photos, insightful comments, and personal commentary from former athletes, trainers, managers, coaches, and their families — all gathered into a single place that Longhorns can celebrate.


    Julius Whittier, Vince Young, Billy Dale

    1969 National Championship offense

    November 1970 Sports Illustrated cover

    Quarterbacks L.C. Johnston and R. Fagan, early 1920s
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