Texas MNC or your candidate is President?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by FondrenRoad, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. FondrenRoad

    FondrenRoad 1,000+ Posts

    Thought I'd lighten it up. Saw something similar on Texags.

    You can't have both. Which do you choose?

    I think I choose the MNC
  2. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight 1,000+ Posts

    My candidate
  3. Gone To Texas

    Gone To Texas 500+ Posts

    MNC without a doubt.
  4. SyracuseHorn

    SyracuseHorn 500+ Posts

    You're evil. What a horrible choice!

    The Longhorns are my passion, but I can't imagine the other candidate winning. I think my head just imploded.
  5. ousuxndallas

    ousuxndallas 500+ Posts

    MNC. No doubt!

    When all is said and done, a politician is a politician. People need to learn it's not "us" versus "us". It's "us" versus "them" - the politicians. This red vs. blue state thing is just a way for the politicians to keep us at each other's throats.
  6. FondrenRoad

    FondrenRoad 1,000+ Posts

  7. HornGrandioso

    HornGrandioso 500+ Posts


    I actually have a ton of respect for my "other guy."
  8. softlynow

    softlynow 1,000+ Posts

  9. FondrenRoad

    FondrenRoad 1,000+ Posts

  10. BurntOrangeOrder

    BurntOrangeOrder 100+ Posts

    National Championship and I wouldn't think twice. Hell, I'll take a garunteed win in Lubbock for a loss on Tuesday.

    You people need to get your priorities straight around here. [​IMG]
  11. Black Ninja

    Black Ninja 500+ Posts

  12. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn 1,000+ Posts

    MNC. I think Michael is an aggy, right?
  13. Wulaw Horn

    Wulaw Horn 1,000+ Posts

    MNC. But that's easy b/c I don't have a candidate.
  14. Nordberg

    Nordberg 1,000+ Posts

    I'm not all that invested in "my" candidate. MNC all the way.
  15. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight 1,000+ Posts

    We can just win one next year. **** we just got one. Also its a scientifically proven fact that TX has a better record vs OU when a Democrat is in office.
  16. Oilfield

    Oilfield Guest

    MNC absolutely. I survived Carter and Clinton, I'll figure out how to survive the messiah. I cannot survive another 36 year dry spell.
  17. johnnyhorn

    johnnyhorn 250+ Posts

    Right now, the odds are far better for the Horns to win a National Championship. As pointed out above, we survived Carter, so we can survive Obama.
  18. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    From a selfish standpoint, my life will likely not get one bit better (probably won't get worse either) after Nov. 5 regardless of who gets elected. From an unselfish standpoint, I don't see it happening for anyone else either.

    I can adapt to changing political climate. But winning a championship is always sweet. Case closed.
  19. Napoleon

    Napoleon 2,500+ Posts

  20. Jive_Turkey

    Jive_Turkey 1,000+ Posts

    MNC and it ain't even close.
  21. Anastasis

    Anastasis 1,000+ Posts

    My candidate, but only because I would go with a third party candidate that would have no chance in hell of ever being elected save this wager.

    If my candidate was one of the major parties stiffs, I'd go with MNC every time.
  22. yelladawgdem

    yelladawgdem 2,500+ Posts

    if it were Bill Clinton that were going to be able to serve thejnext 8 years, I would go with Bill over another MNC.
  23. Sooner-Tuf

    Sooner-Tuf 1,000+ Posts

    No Comment [​IMG]
  24. allweatherHorn

    allweatherHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Knowing that I would have to periodically hear Palin speak as VP, and that there would some risk of her taking over the head job, I am going with my candidate.
  25. UT Spring Branch

    UT Spring Branch 500+ Posts

  26. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    But rather than suffer through more years of Bush's policies, with the economic ruin and continuation of unpopular war, attacks on the environment and consumer protection, and the disastrous real likelihood of Palin assuming command at some point, I would have to go with my candidate winning.
    Both are very likely to happen, and we will know by Tuesday how likely.
  27. THEU

    THEU 2,500+ Posts

    I am going to go with my candidate. Mainly because my candidate is Bob Barr.

    For a 3rd party to win the White House would be HUGE and would change the politican landscape in the US.

    BOB BARR over the MNC baby!
  28. dfw75201

    dfw75201 250+ Posts

    Painful question I agree. But, there are some issues that affect my life directly in this campaign and if the wrong guy wins, I am not sure that the issues will be favorably resolved in my lifetime. So, because so much is at stake, I would have to pick my candidate winning.
  29. blueglasshorse

    blueglasshorse 1,000+ Posts

    If you think your guy is going to lose anyway, MNC is an easy choice. If you think your condidate is going to win, the choice is more difficult.

    I choose my candidate. Everyone is already envious of Texas. It would be nice for the USA to be the envy of the world again.
  30. Ag with kids

    Ag with kids 2,500+ Posts

    For some reason, this question is very easy for me to answer...

    My candidate...


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