Texas/OU 2008 vs. Baylor/TCU 2014

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Horns11, Nov 13, 2014.

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    I'm torn.

    In 2008, we all lobbied to win the conference, or at least be ranked ahead of OU in human polls at the end of the season. We lost to an inferior team on the road, but they blasted the same team at home.

    In 2014, BU is lobbying to be ranked ahead of TCU based on the head-to-head merit. They lost to an inferior team on the road, whereas TCU beat the same team on a last second FG (also on the road).

    Either way, **** Art Briles. I know that TCU kind of fits the same mold/description as OU 2008, but I'd rather have them in the Playoff than BU any day.

    Now, in a perfect world, we'd just beat TCU on Turkey Day and BU would be ranked #5 at the end of the season, left out of the party.
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    karma, she is back and she is hungry
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    Big difference is we played ou on a neutral field. Baylor beat TCU at home.

    Oh yea, screw Art.
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    We beat OU by 10. We didn't need a last second field goal or help from the officials to win the game.
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    Briles ranked us 5th in his final poll. The lowest of anyone. Most voters had us in the top 3. I hope Briles gets screwed and left out sooooooo bad.

    Actually, that incident right there is why I never ever wanted him hired by UT. Anyone that did whatever was in his power off the field to prevent us from playing for a national title should never be the head coach here.
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    I'd root for TCU over baylor at any time any sport.
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    I actually kind of like TCU. I hate Baylor.
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    I wish Baylor would lose every game they ever play again in every sport.


    I never thought it was possible to hate a team more than aggy. but it has happened.
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    F Art Briles.
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    The actual big difference is that we were involved in a three way tie, while Baylor and TCU would not be. I know we like to just assume Tech was an inferior team, but they were 11-1 too, and they had the same record in the conference.
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    Baylor should be ranked ahead of TCU. As much as I hate them,, head to head should be the #1 tie breaker. It is for every other sport. If you have a tie in the NFL, head to head is the first tie breaker. Baseball, it's the first tie breaker.NBA, you guessed it, first tie breaker. You guys are just over thinking this one.

    I could see it maybe if your QB1 was hurt, but even then I'd still go with head to head. We may hate Baylor, but they deserve to go if they win out.
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    TCU is better than Baylor and has been more consistent.

    Hard to overlook the egg Briles laid in Morgantown.
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    My position going forward in the CS regime is that we must root at all costs for the team to win that poses the least threat to our future. Let me explain.

    The number one goal for us is to maximize our talent level in recruiting. Which of these teams poses the biggest threat to us if they get more national press and exposure? Which team is more of a threat if they become a serious national player?

    Hands down I believe Baylor making the playoff is a much bigger threat to our recruiting effort. TCU has permanent limitations to luring the best recruits that Baylor doesn't.

    It's much more beneficial to our near future to wish failure upon Baylor than TCU.
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    The TCU/BU game could have gone either way. I thought Patterson's decision to go for it at midfield on TCU's last drive was suicide. If they missed, which they did, BU only needed one or two first downs to kick the game winning FG. I'd have taken it to OT and hoped for a BU turnover or something.
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    Another benefit to TCU getting in:

    Team that replaced aggy beats aggy to the big dance.
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    First off, I don't see TCU winning out......Hell I think Baylor will lose too so this will be a mute point.

    If by luck they both do win out, Baylor will jump TCU.......and Alabama will jump Baylor, assuming everyone wins out, the question is how far does Miss State fall.....How about Oregon, when they lose to ASU in the conference championship game how far does ASU jump?

    Too many questions and speculation at this point......I am so confused.....At least with the BCS, I knew most of the math, now it is so subjective.......Give me a 125 team double elimination tournament and let's be done with the regular season!!!!!!
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    "Roll Toad"
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    end thread
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    F Briles and F Baylor.
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    I hear the 3 way tie in 2008 brought up a lot to say how things were different, but let's look at it this way.

    Texas loss was 39-33 @ Tech on a last second TD
    OU loss was 45-35 to Texas on a neutral field
    Tech's loss was 65-21 @ OU

    Look at those 3 games and it's easy to say Tech is the first team you eliminate. That leaves the question to Texas vs OU and we all know how that turned out.

    Either way, it doesn't change the fact that Art Briles ballot had OU #1, Texas #5 and Texas Tech #6. How you arrive at that looking at the scores above is beyond me.

    I just hope that Baylor wins out and finishes #5 in the final playoff ranking, that would serve total justice for me. [​IMG]
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