Texas/Ou - Cotton Bowl Roll Call

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by HoffHorn, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. nashhorn

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    Getting anxious already. What a difference a year makes. No one here last year and people already in the streets this year. Lady at checkin said downtown has a huge screen they show game on downtown- like they do for Preds in Nashville.
  2. HoffHorn

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    The Bubba’s are in town! Why I went to Northpark Mall “today” is a mystery…..but sooner nation were EVERYWHERE!

    It’s a Cult! …..and you can’t tell me otherwise!
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    Huh, you were 3 rows behind me, and my seats (Sec 107, Row 7, Seats 9-12) were apparently right in front of Sabre ! I couldn't make this one live, but I was well represented by some of my family members...
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  4. nashhorn

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    A pisser that OU fills their side before ours. But was full stadium for both sides once game began - great atmosphere.
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