Texas/OU: What is your all time favorite play?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Austin_Bill, Jul 28, 2020.


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    2000 stung the most....ugh...cold, wet, ***-whoop'n...
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    I have to call BS on this. The guy that sat next to you in 2019 was so obnoxious I doubt you saw much of the game,


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    ...when you get to be my age, you just "learn to deal with most anything!!!"

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    The 1984 ou game - the great monsoon rain game was the most miserable and dangerous football game I ever attended. I was fearful lightening would strike and kill a bunch of people.... it danced all around the Cotton Bowl that day.

    Final misery: After a long Kevin Nelson run - first and goal on the 2 and we cannot score a TD and escape with a Jeff Ward FG to gain a 15-15 tie. Did I remember that right?
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    1979 game bought 2 tickets on the 50 about 10-15 rows up. Sat right next to Dr. Lorraine Rogers (President of UT at the time). She was nice and very friendly and so was I. However, I was quietly pissed off as I had to curb my normal loud & obnoxious ou game behavior.

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    yes!! dammitt!!!

    going wide into water was not Fred's best play calling...

    just wish Kevin had made it all the way...

    boy, did it rain!!! we parked North of the horse exhibit and went to get out of the car and make a run for it and lighting either hit the car or right next to it...we sat in the car for a bit....lol
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    now, you have me think'n.....when was I last "nice and friendly"???
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    I'm ALWAYS nice & friendly with my Dr.

    Especially during my annual physical with Dr. Jeb Meirs at Texas Health Center in Dallas. He has been my Doc for ~ 35 ~ years. I actually look forward to my annual exam as he is incredibly interesting, funny and has great stories.

    "Jeb" completed undergrad at UT in 1973 & did his medical internship at UT Southwestern Dallas. He was named after famous General "Jeb" Stuart (some of you may remember who he was).

    His older sister was once nominated for a Fed judgeship by President George W. Bush but she was not approved. These are not things he ever bragged about... just conversation that came up over the years.

    Sorry, just some random thoughts as I typed this.... is he anyone else's MD on HF?
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    liked that!

    ....at this point, ALL my thoughts are random....
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    Have to agree on this one. Not OU but Brackens taking out Mackovic on the sidelines was a great one. Remember Kelson hitting that RB in the hole and the RB going backwards like a pinball. That was a good one too!!
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    Forgot to add to my previous submission what happened the very next year re: my restaurant job and TX/OU.

    Same exact thing except for that I was under even more scrutiny due to my "accident" the previous year. I really had to come up with something good. this time.

    Over that summer, I had been admitted to the ER with a collapsed lung. Damnest thing. I've never smoked in my life and had not been even remotely sick when it happened. It was completely spontaneous. Nevertheless, it happened at work. As I'm working my shift on TX/OU day, I tell my boss my lung has collapsed again. Of course he lets me go; however, I'm not going to get away with this w/o proof. So, I head to the ER. I get through triage. As soon as I'm left in a room, I sneak out, go home, and watch the game. So here's my proof - hospital bracelet AND, since I didn't actually see a doctor, I never got a bill.

    My maturity level has improved over the years.
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  12. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    Back to the 1977 game, OU has the ball with around 5 minutes left in the game trailing 13-6, fourth and one on the Texas six. Thomas Lott options left but is denied by Johnnie Johnson and Brad Shearer. Then when the Horns are held and forced to punt, Russell Erxleben gets off a 69-yard kick from deep in his own end zone. Freddie Nixon fields the punt and is crushed by freshman linebacker Bruce Scholtz.
    It was a good day.
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    THE HAPPIEST DAY in my LIFE (until VINCE ran it in).....we had never beaten them since I was at UT....my date and I parked downtown and walked back to the car leading a HUGE CELEBRATION all the way....what a GAME!!!
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  14. WorsterMan

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    So think about this moment in the game. Horns clinging to tedious 13-6 lead with 3 minutes or so left.

    Erxleben is backed up 9 yards deep in the freakin' End Zone. One foot on the back line and sooners get a safety and the ball on probably a short field. RE gets off not only a a critical and pressure packed punt but he BOOMS it!!!!

    He kicks it to Nixon who catches it around the sooner ~ 20-22~ yard line. So in the air - the gross yards he kicked was approx. 87-89 !!!

    The announcer said the net kick from the line of scrimmage was 74 yards. Nixon returned it perhaps 5 yards for an official kick of 69 yards.

    This punt was a huge part of the game as it pinned the sooners back far enough the D could hold on and seal the win !!!

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    More on Erxleben. I never thought he got the full credit he deserved for the incredible weapon he really was as not only a FG kicker but as a punter. He was so accurate and rarely had a bad kick or punt. I would put him on the Mount Rushmore of UT punters and kickers.
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  16. SabreHorn

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    Despite his post playing problems, and his laziness refusing to run downfield after a kick, he stands alone as the greatest college kicker of all time - distance. accuracy. dependability; there was none better before or since.

    Steve Little, Tony Franklin, Russell Erxleben all at one time. No better trio ever.
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    Hey leftcoasters, what will you do if the west coast secedes from the union?

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    Apply for a visa for the o.u. game....
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