Texas Players and MLB Draft

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jul 11, 2021.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what the "President of Baseball Operations" does in comparison to the GM, but I think he's above Young in the chain of command.
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    The inference when Young was hired was that he would be making all of the baseball-related decisions. From what I have observed, JD is trying to take credit for everything that Young does. As long as Young is making the baseball decisions JD can claim all he wants.
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    All Arms: Angels select 20 pitchers in 20 rounds
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    BON with great review of draft and impact on next years Texas team:

    Analyzing how the 2021 MLB Draft went for Texas

    Tip of hat to Wescott Eberts who has been all over the MLB Draft on that site. Money quote from Eberts,

    “Barring any unlikely developments for Melendez or the undrafted free agents, Texas looks like a contender to make the College World Series next season and maybe even make some noise if they get there.“

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    TheScore.com on Ty Madden and the draft:

    Ty Madden

    "Seen by most as a college arm just barely beneath Leiter and Rocker, Madden plummeted all the way to the competitive balance round. And, while falling down the draft usually at least comes with the added bonus that you'll be going to a more exciting team, with due respect to the Tigers, that didn't even happen.

    Some credit is due to the Detroit front office, though. By taking Jobe early on what will presumably be an under slot deal, the Tigers were able to react when Madden fell to them later, unlike other teams with shallower bonus pools.

    Instead of going right after Leiter and Rocker, Madden wound up being the 10th college arm off the board. Perhaps this becomes motivation, as he now joins a Tigers system teeming with elite arms."

    Winners, losers, takeaways from Day 1 of 2021 MLB Draft

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    Viper, I'm right there with you. JD hired Chris to be the GM - he needs to let go of the control stick and let Chris fly.
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    Just like a lot of people in todays world Daniels is a failure at his job yet recieves a promotion..

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