Texas Players signing post draft

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    Looks like everyone but Kolby and Ivan who got drafted has signed. Ivan's decision should come soon and it appears he is leaning toward staying but we shall see if the Marlins offer way above slot money to entice him. With the return of Stevens have to think Kolby will sign but that too is still unknown.

    Ty Madden is latest MLB Draft selection from Texas to sign

    Texas came out of the draft in as good a position as could reasonably be hoped for and already looks like it will have one of the top two or three pitching staffs in the country next year, if Melendez comes back and with the addition of the third baseman from Kansas, an already deep and experienced lineup for the Horns will be that much more powerful. Right now have to project that Texas will start the year preseason top ten and maybe even top five.
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    I'm happy for all of these guys. Madden's girlfriend and her dad sat a couple of rows in front of me for much of the season, and they are very nice people. Wishing them all much success.
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    "Quintanilla signed [with the Mets] for $130k, $6k below his slot value"

    I think the Mets got a good deal. I could see Cole making it up to the majors in a few years and lasting quite a while as a mid/late reliever.


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    Cant wait for baseball season in 22… Welcome back Ivan…

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