Texas Property Tax law and changes

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    I'm still a little puzzled and I'm trying to decide if there is still value in having a service fight my appraisal values on properties.
    1. As i understand it, the cap is on the amount the county can increase total Property tax revenue year of year. capped at 3.5%.
    ---that means it is the combined number (taxing rate x property value= combined number) that is capped. not the rate, and not the prop value.
    ---Does that mean that they are required to keep every property at or below that 3.5% per year or can they apply different schemes to different property types
    ---Does being Homesteaded matter in the 3.5% cap?
    ---Does being an investment property matter?

    seems like if it is the total county revenue that is capped at 3.5% then they would have no choice but to keep a straight pass through of 3.5% across the board to all properties but I'm getting conflicting info from the folks we have historically used to help fight assessed values.

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