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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by ViperHorn, Jan 7, 2020.

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    I guess we can agree that the Rangers are now in a tryout mode - letting the top prospects play to see who is ready to step in next year. I keep thinking back to the Atlanta Braves. If you recall, they were horrible in the late 1980s. They made the decision to blow it up and start over. They traded everyone on the major-league team (who had any trade value) for prospects, concentrated on the draft, and rebuilt through thier farm system. They were not competitive for about three years in the NL while the prospects matured. When they were ready, the Braves started winning - and winning - and winning. And they did it with home-grown talent. When they got to the point that trading for a top-tier player was needed in order to win big, they had a pantry-full of prospects they could afford to trade. Wonder if the Rangers are borrowing that approach? Might as well - they talent they have now can't compete in the AL West.
    And while they're at it, I'd like to see them go to Tampa and hire everyone on their staff that is responsible for developing pitchers - the Rays certainly seemed to have that figured out.
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    I agree with both of you. What I cannot understand is the continuing to play Odor and Andrus. We know what they can do, but neither are in the future of the team.

    They are giving Galo every chance, but he just cannot get his head around to get to the next level. He should be worth a AAA and a #4 SP.
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    Viper, my gut feel is that the Rangers are committed to Gallo and will keep him. If he could just get the average up to .250, add in the 40 HRs each year and 100+ RBI and you've got a player. Someone has got to help him cut down on the strikeouts.

    Elvis is the clubhouse veteran, and I'm thinking he stays another year, maybe two, before he retires. I'm ready to trade Odor for a fungo bat and two dozen baseballs.
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    HHD, Galo issue is all in his head. There has to be someone somewhere that can unlock his brain.

    If Andrus accepts a lesser of a role they will keep him around. You are asking too much got Odor.
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    I've not read the thread. Here is the Captain Obvious question:

    How does Jon Daniels keep his job?

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    I believe he would have be gone after this season if it were a normal season.

    The problem is the owners are not baseball people which is ok if the GM is a solid baseball person.
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    ^Agree. JD gets another year. And if everyone recognizes that next season is a major rebuilding year, he probably stays if the rebuild is showing good progress.
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