Texas S.Ct. Justice David Medina indicted!

Kyrie Eleison

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KHOU is reporting that Justice Medina (Perry appointee) and his wife have been indicted in Harris county in connection with their house fire.

Wow....talk about your bad judgment. Thanks Rick, for putting party affiliation over and above justice.
Evidently the DA (who is in the middle of his own scandal), just announced that he would drop the charges, because there wasn't enough evidence to support going for a conviction.

So why spend all the time and resources presenting evidence in obtaining an indictment, then??
Agree 100%. His office brought it to the GJ and obtained the indictment, which means he does believe there's enough probable cause. But then his going to dismiss it?


I could be cynical and say that he's shining *** to cushion his own fall with the trial courts and the 1st and 14th COA. But surely not....eh?

It's either that or he's got a rogue ADA who took the file to the GJ after the DA told him not to just to prove a point that there was in fact enough evidence.

This entire thing smacks of partisan back-scratching and smells to high heaven.

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