Texas T Baseball Caps, Like the Team Wears

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LilRufPeppy, Oct 19, 2018.

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    For over a year I've been looking for the Texas white baseball cap, orange bill, with the orange T on the front, just like the team wears. I can't find them anywhere. If our team is wearing the hat somebody's gotta be making it, right? The CO-OP hasn't carried this in a couple of years. I don't know why. Does anyone know where this is stocked? TIA.
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    The team store (used to be called Longhorns Limited) in the Bellmont entrance and on the east side of DKR has them, but they're not the "official" ones the team uses. Replica. I think they also set up a booth at the Disch for home games, but I have no clue if they sell the same hats then.

    I'm more interested in the jersey you have pictured there... can't find it anywhere.
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    Went to TexasSports.com and then to shop. I may have selected team shop. Occasionally they have old school stuff (my weakness). Enjoy the hat!
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    thanks for the thread!

    I went to Texas81's link ... "out of stock"

    Ok, guess Peppy bought 'em out???

    went to contact cust service. what a miserable experience that was. I simply asked "when will this (with link) be available again"

    "we don't have that item, please feel free to check back often. Is there any other concern?"

    "Isn't THIS concern sufficient? You don't carry a real (replica) of the UT Baseball cap???? as the linked-from-the-Texas-AD company??? and worse, you do not know when/if you'll stock this item again, and inexcusably, the apparent inability to simply say 'I don't know, sorry, but will forward your concerns to management, thank you.'"
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    it's amazing to me that the stock is full of halloween looking apparel (black/orange) ... odd ball designs with scheme as well as construction.

    It's like the current producers have never seen a real baseball cap for crying out loud ... and evidently have some prohibition upon selling something authentic/authentic looking.
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    I'd love to get a 1979 cap, the one that had the old English T. Those were cool.
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    Hey, the Coop to the rescue. Now I’m thinking I should get one. :bevo:

    Texas Longhorn Mens Caps & Hats | University Co-op

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