Texas @ TCU 01/22/2022

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Jan 21, 2022.

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    Loving the mid range pull up jumpers. Gaston is good. Thats all I got.
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  2. brnkj

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    Vic went to his bench for a significant number of minutes in the 4th quarter.
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    While we're still not exactly poetry in motion on offense, I'm noticing some slight improvements here and there. Aaliyah Moore is getting more and more comfortable... Her movement is getting better and her court sense is improving as well. Still making freshman mistakes, but she's improving with each game. She's going to be one hell of a player when all is said and done. Nice game by JAT and Ebo today also.
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    I'm unable to share the direct link to the postgame media interviews.

    Scroll down on the right is the postgame video.

    Women's Basketball

    Reagan Peebly spoke less than 5 min., but the vast majority of the video is Vic and the Longhorns.
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  6. loyallonghorn

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    I had totally forgotten that Paige Bradley, who had committed to Texas and Karen Aston (and also a Longhorn legacy - Amie Bradley), decommitted and signed with TCU when Vic Schaefer was hired. I suspect her game didn't fit the high defensive pressure Vic plays.

    Looking at her stats, she appeared to have been a bench contributor early on but her minutes have dwindled as the season has progressed. She's struggling to find her place and has shot 5-27 for 18.5% from the field.

    Paige Bradley - Women's Basketball - TCU Athletics
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    In observing the dynamics of the offense today, the way Harmon runs the team is really comforting. I get the same feeling that I had with McCarty and Lambert. I don’t think Lambert gets enough credit for that in the Horns run to the Elite 8. It took awhile for Lambert last year. Now I’m sensing that Harmon is bringing the same. Schaefer talked about JAT today extending the lead to 26 after Harmon went out. I realize TCU doesn’t have the D that we’ll see later. But I am feeling Harmon and JAT are getting the feel now. And I was happy Schaefer answered the question about Harmony’s back…..as it appears to me he isn’t worried about the injury. We’ll need everyone to beat KState on Wednesday. As Elvis said…..TCB.
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  9. DFW_Horn

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    Double legacy - her dad Steve played football at Texas.
  10. flash34

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    1 for 7. That was Hunter’s shooting line today. I’m feeling much better about her regardless of the percentage. I noticed… and Schaefer mentioned ….that she turned down 3 shots. And one was really open and she turned it down for a pass to Warren for an easier bucket. Hunter was moving better with more energy and tried to run the team. So kudos to Hunter. She has never met a shot opportunity that she didn’t like….that’s her MO so far. She acted more like a point guard today. Good she got the minutes and she should feel good about her play today.
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    I’ll have my people call Vic’s people and see what we can arrange…
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  12. BBV_Horn

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    We just don’t play as well w/ Harmon off the floor…makes me still quite irritated that Chevalier was run off the 40 Acres! We could use her expertise and energy when Harmon is on the bench!! There will come a game where that will bite us in the ___!!
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  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    I didn't know the staff invited her to leave, and helped her pack her bags.
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  14. HornView

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    I highly doubt Chevalier was “run off the 40 acres” right in the middle of the season. That’s quite an accusation. She was obviously not cutting the mustard or didn’t like the way it was cut or a little of both. That’s on her
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  15. brnkj

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  16. brnkj

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    That part!
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