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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Chop, Jan 13, 2021.

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    Could not agree more. I also like the Olajuwan comparison from a previous post with Sims as they both have crazy athletic ability for guys their size. I think the biggest difference is Olajuwan had natural superhero strength. We need to learn from SEC football and let everyone know how great Texas and the conference are. This team is really really good. I just wish their was another basketball so we could see more of Brown on the offensive side of the court. I might be crazy, but I am sure he will be in the NBA hall of fame one day.
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    Please remember that Akeem’s deadly fade away 10 foot jump shot elevated him to a level very few big men reached. He could score from various spots: His ability to sink shots 5-10 feet from the basket is the biggest difference in their games now.
    Jericho needs to work hard on developing those shots. He would be a beast if he did.
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    Base on what metric. Certainly not results. If it is based on "nice, likeable guy", I agree. If it is based on recruiting, I agree. If it is based on sound disciplined basketball skills I totally disagree. The Smart, Strong hires have both be a totally disaster for both programs.

    I see the same thing happening this year that happens every year. Start off strong with some good wins and some "near misses" in others. As the season progresses other, well coached teams get better while we keep repeating the same mistakes and undisciplined play.

    How is turnovers not about how well the team is coached? Good teams do not turn the ball over and that is not because they recruit players that do not turn the ball over.
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    So by your metric, Kansas’s coach really sucks. He made a big mistake ever going into coaching, huh?

    We’ve generally been winning the turnover battle this year. The second half of the Tech game was not our best ball.

    Griping and whining about the results???
    We’re well into conference play and ranked #4 in the nation!

    And why are you comparing Shaka to Charlie Strong, of all people? I’d say Shaka is more like Mack Brown—a great recruiter. Everything else he does flows from that.
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    And boy, does Coach Beard really suck, huh? His team has lost 3 games, rather than the 2 games we’ve lost (each of our losses by 2 points to a ranked opponent). Tech must be stupid for ever hiring that guy. Anything but perfection is utterly unacceptable and cause for immediate dismissal.
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    Let's beat wheat aggy and get back on track.
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    Let's see how good of a coach Shaka is next year w/o 2 1st round draft choices and a SR point guard.
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    The hatred of Shaka runs deep in the hearts, minds, and souls of many. It's a shame.
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    I was making a comparison to their college games where Hakeem was a defensive beast and rebounding machine but not the professional Hakeem who developed into an offensive wizard. My memory is poor but I remember that Young and Drexler were the biggest part of their offensive and Hakeem had a very similar role to Sims in College. Actually biggest part of offense was running floor with possibly the greatest collection of athletes ever assembled on one college basketball team.
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    Impossible to understand. He has done EVERYTHING right this year. For example: signed possibly the best recruit in the country, beat North Carolina and Kansas, avoided all the social unrest that corrupted the football team, replaced an assistant with an obvious great hire. grew his hair out, plays a very entertaining style of basketball, has developed Sims into an incredible player, etc... Anyway, I am happy that at least 2 of us are 100% behind this team and I feel sorry for those who are closing their eyes on the most exciting team since BMW.
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    Any coach is as good as his last best win and is as bad as his last best loss. Just saying.

    As far as the Tceh game, you blow a 12 point lead and lose at home to an in-state conference for, and you will get fried by just about every fan, whether it is your first or twentieth loss.
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    I won't judge Shaka on this one loss. I will say that based on talent and experience we should have won this game easily by double digits. The only reason we lost is because this team looked EXACTLY like Shaka teams of late in the second half. Sloppy ball handling, jacking up 3's and missing them while passing up easier shots, missing free throws, etc so I get the complaints. Its a PTSD effect.

    Shaka was out coached but let's see how things move forward and hope all will come back together in the next game.
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    Shaka has a great personality, is a great recruiter and program builder. I don't think his X's and O's are the best. Tech took away our easy three point shots in the second half, and we couldn't find anything else to bring. The announcer kept saying we run no plays for the big men, and I agree. Why not? I try to give Shaka the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes it is hard.
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    When Shaka wins the MNC then you can begin to compare Shaka to Mack Brown.

    Shaka is not a very good offensive coach. Why do I say this? Because his teams have struggled offensively over the years. And his teams have struggled mightily to win a game in the NCAA March tourney.

    What we say complaining about how he underuses big men, doesn't run enough plays, pick and rolls and motion, and that when the games get tight he often does too and so do our players. In tight games our guards typically dribble too much, play one on one too much. That being said Ramey and Coleman are having their best years by far right now.

    That 2nd half collapse against ttu was painful to watch. But your posts noting that ttu is a very good team, plays great--really great--defense is very valid. Shaka is going to have to STEP UP and coach his team to continue to play team ball with motion, passes and plays down low. Especially against great defense.
    No one roots for Shaka more than me. He has a great team now. I hope he can move on from the tough loss and make a super run from here on out.
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  15. Chop

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    Tech keeping it close with Baylor all game.
  16. beijinghorn1

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    Not an attack on your post because I appreciate your post... A serious question (plus a opinion in front of question). Once Calipari copied the pro game of isolations more or less with the promise of getting guys to the NBA, do you think any college can recruit players to play the offense that I think you long for (I am thinking the last team to really play good team offense was UCLA with the O'bannon brothers)? For sure I appreciate great team offense and I think basketball is far more entertaining with team offense, but I think we will never see that again due to the great Michael Jordan.
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    I wish I could answer your question. I simply don't know the answer. But I do think that Shaka's weakness is coaching offense. And it shows in close games as time is running down.
    He could borrow some plays/ideas from the top coaches ( Coach K, Self, Williams, etc.) and work hard to install a few in the Horns game plan. I think it would build players' confidence and help them close out the tight games. This team's super athleticism gives them a great chance to execute scripted pick and rolls, motion, kick outs and even ally oop dunks.
  18. Chop

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    An area where we’ve improved recently :is clock management late in the game or half. Shaka has been pretty animated about this for the last several games.

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