Texas To Play In Mexico?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Texas Taps, Jan 29, 2014.

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    You won't believe how many Mexicans love the Texas Longhorns. We are the most popular american football team south of the border. I bet we could get a big crowd and get a lot of exposure in the states. And they do sell beer in the stadium. A beer and some real nachos...better than the hot dogs and and nachos sold at DKR.
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    Real nachos? Mmmm... if they have an enchilada vendor, I'm there.
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    Maybe they'll show the game on LHN!
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    WorsterMan mentioned earlier in this thread about Boy's Town. What about everyone putting in $5.00 for our players to go there like they used to after a victory over aggy. I will put up $10.00. Maybe we will win a extra game and help recruiting. [​IMG]
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    Let's compromise and play the game in San Antonio.
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    I think playing in Mexico City would be great.
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    The Takeaways

    1. Patterson is interested in playing a game in Mexico City. Hey if the Cowboys can do it....

    The Link

    Sorry Steve, it's already been done long before the Cowboys or even the NFL was in existence. I would hope you might give consideration to Houston. We have a large fan base there. We also are competing for recruits with LSU and Aggy there. It's kind of a big deal too.

    I mean what else is there to do after Missouri comes to Texas and shuts out the Dallas Athletic club. Then the Tigers head to Austin and shut out the Longhorns and the Austin Mutes, which must have been a real barn burner, and the San Antonio YMCA.

    Naturally Texas convinces Missouri to head to Mexico for an exhibition tour of games that included Monterrey and a mixed squad game in Mexico City.

    The Missouri team after logging 6,000 miles returned to Columbus, where the head coach was fired and the team captain and manager were suspended from school.

    The last name of the head coach was "Patterson." Coincidence, I think not. [​IMG]

    2. Patterson wants to expand the Longhorn brand into foreign
    markets like China.

    Wouldn't India make more sense? They certainly have a large population also. With a mascot like Bevo, we would literally be "worshiped" in that country.

    Think of all the outsourcing Bellmont could do with India on our side. They could handle all those nasty LHN questions in great detail no doubt.

    3. More money... Patterson wants Texas projected annual revenue of $169 million to reach $200 million.

    Well some things never change. I think maybe he wants to not have to listen to Joe and Red anymore. Here is a hint Steve, if you (Texas) wins they and the money will come.

    4. Texas wants to find another large cable provider to carry
    to carry the Longhorn Network.

    Can this be right? I thought that the Longhorn Network was carried all over, except in Bandera of course. I have read that here now and then.

    Those Disney people may sneak us in Steve, when they get the SEC Network going next August. Dish and others are carrying it from day one. Maybe we can be a throw in on the deal. It would greatly lessen the load on our new Indian employees.

    5. Patterson wants to trim the payroll fat off the athletic
    department, which currently employees 393 full-time folks.

    Well he is off to a good start there. I am sure he can find more to do in that area. Of course remember Steve, all you have to do is outsource things to New Delhi now.

    See you in Mexico City! [​IMG]
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    Orale!!! I'd go [​IMG]
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    YES to Mexico City! Brilliant idea by our AD. [​IMG] Texas is a Leader and not a follower.
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    (Since I have not read the entire string, perhaps most if not all of my points below have been made by others.)

    I believe that this idea by Patterson is brilliant, and wise from many perspectives. He wants to further expand the Texas Brand. That means money, reach and recruiting. And let me add, BIG money. Imagine dominating a new market composed of a population base exceeding 100,000,000? And, done correctly, the Longhorns can become the national brand of Mexico. If you think that's not a big deal, ask the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers. They generate significant revenue from their Mexican fan base. And, in Mexico, even if you know nada about American football, you are either a Cowboy or a Steeler. And you wear their gear. What of they were all Longhorns?

    Even from a recruiting perspective, dominating Mexico could pay dividends. It is only a matter of time before growing numbers of ratable talent becomes available in Mexico. What if every one of those future stars grew up dreaming of one day becoming a Longhorn? It's not that far fetched.

    I see little to no downside. Again, brilliant.
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    Move the Texas/ou game to Mexico City [​IMG]
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    I like the idea. Thinking outside the box. It is nice to see. I think we will see huge positive changes over the next three years. [​IMG]
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    If money were the solution to winning big wouldn't Texas already be winning national titles every other year or so?

    Texas is the big dog in athletic revenues nationally, in the top echelon in football receipts from all sources, tickets, donors, schwag, etc.

    Would doubling or tripling the revenues do any thing but, well doubling or tripling revenues?

    I'd like to see Texas win a football conference championship. I don't see where another $50,000,000 will do that.

    Hook 'em
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    Texas already has significant non athletic ties with Mexico; the latin american collection at UT is the biggest in the world. We have stuff in the Benson collection that Mexico doesn't have. The flow to the RAnsom center could be enhanced. Most rich Mexican kids go to Monterrey Tech now but a lot might switch to UT and add a few thousand more ultra wealthy alums, which is why I mentioned Carlos Slim, who most people in the US have never heard of.

    Dono when the pic was taken but the smog there is considerably less since they shut down the refinery. I have never had any problems when there.

    As for crime, MOnterrey is a seat of the drug wars, Mexico City is not. Stay away from Garibaldi Square and it is as safe as most US towns. The other places mentioned are nowhere near DF. It is like comparing east LA with Highland Park.

    Most Mexicans have a natural affinity for California, ARizona, New Mexico and Texas. Many of them have relatives living here. This could be awesome.

    I also agree with the poster re Houston. We need to schedule Rice more often.
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    Many posters attacked red mccombs and joe jamail complaining that, as a public institution, The University of Texas has a duty to do what is best for all and not just the rich.

    Who would be able to attend a game in Mexico City? 1. UT fans who reside in Mexico City. 2. The rich who can afford the trip 3. A whole bunch of Mexican citizens that do not watch college football.

    So should we do what is best for all Texas fans (play a game somewhere in state which most Texas fans can attend) or cater to the rich (joe jamail and red mccombs), those few UT fans that happen to reside in Mexico City, and a bunch of people who do not follow college football but might become Texas fans for this one game.
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    Those of you who are opposed, do you have any clue what a hotbed of recruiting Oaxaca is for place kickers?
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    This is the worst idea in humanities long list of bad ideas.
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    I can hear it now.........

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    If Telemundo televises the game, maybe more UT fans can see it.
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    Here's a thought. Dedicate all resulting new memorabilia profits to the academic side of the University to keep tuition costs down and expand student capacity to allow more Texans to attend.

    Has anybody thought of the negative impact moving a game AWAY from a US city might cause? Some local economy, whether it is Austin or another US city, will lose a very valuable weekend with respect to spending and taxes.
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    The Zeta and Sinaloa cartels are big fans.

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