Texas To Play In Mexico?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Texas Taps, Jan 29, 2014.

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    After surviving OU under Switzer and aggy under Sherrill, how bad could the Zetas and Sinaloans be?
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    Play it the same week the Formula1 race is in Austin. [​IMG]
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    EDT - that gets my vote. Good suggestion.
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    If this is true, it confirms the original fears about an AD who has little collegiate experience and no respect for culture and tradition. Next, we will read about Oregon-type uniforms.
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    Yeah, **** it. Maybe he can schedule a yearly game in Canada (big lumberjack boys for the lines), one in Munich (kickers) so that some can coincide a game with a Bavarian ski trip, one in China (though probably better for the basketball team) or in Japan so the UT students from that country will get into football as they watch at Jester.

    And don't forget to play every year in SoCal and Florida for recruiting exposure. Also the Pennsylvania coal country.

    Awesome! Who cares if the Horns will have 2 or 3 home games a year as long as the brand gets spread.

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    I don't always want my Horns to play in weird OCC venues, but when I do I prefer Mexico City, Cancun, London and Sydney! [​IMG]

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    I would guess that most Texans who have spent any time in Mexico City would love to make that trip.

    At some point in time in the near future the economies of Texas and northern Mexico are going to be so entwined that Spanish is going to be a requirement in our business school; the Mexicans mostly already speak English. Enormous numbers of Mexican families are already bi-national and their loyalties are there for the plucking. THe amout of money that might flow to the University as a result of some of Monterrey Tech's alums coming here is staggering.

    This is not just about football.
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    How sweet would it be to see the Longhorn flag flying from the top of Chapultepec Castle?
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    Obviously some -- OK, many -- see the idea of a game in Mexico City as problematic, inappropriate, contrary to the interests of the fans, the University, etc. Those opinions have been well expressed. I see the idea as visionary.

    We can lead, follow, or get out of the way. We're Texas. And we lead. This is no longer your father's Texas Longhorns. I can understand those you long for the days of pure football, without the frills, baggage, and the bells and whistles. But this is a different time.

    What Patterson is proposing is forward thinking. It is brand protection and enhancement. And, again, it is visionary.

    Finally, is generating obnoxious amounts of revenue for the program really a bad thing? Is it not true that a richer University would/could/should benefit everyone who attends, and also those who might attend in the future? Does it not also support and enhance every other athletic program offered on the 40 acres?

    We're Texas. We Lead.
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    The thing that would scare me is the team not coming back. They would be in very unfamiliar territory playing in front of an entire stadium that actually cheers for the team. If the stands were anything like the soccer games the team would want to play EVERY home game there. I have been to almost every home game in the last ten years and also some out of town and state bowl games, there's never a question which team has the loudest fans, memorial stadium is pretty tame.
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    Most of you probably had no idea, but UT has been broadcasting their football games in Spanish for the past 20 years. Mexico City also has a very rich tradition in College Football. They have been playing for nearly 100 years.

    The UNAM-Polytech rivalry regularly sells out. The Olympic Stadium was built originally for College Football, which is why it looks like the old Sombrero in Tampa (it is on the campus of UNAM, the largest university in the Western Hemisphere), and probably the stadium that would host the game given the relationship between the two universities.

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