Texas @ TTU 01/18/2023

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Jan 17, 2023.

  1. CreakyHorn

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    Seeing a lot of hurt feelers in these posts. We like to point out bad behavior in other fan bases. Tech beat us fairly, let's not be them.
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  2. Born in ATX

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    I don't think anyone here can be compared to a Tech fan. Their behavior is straight up trash. And it comes from the top. Not just the coaches, but the AD himself. When we beat an opponent, you don't see our players dissing the other team. And I haven't heard of a tech player getting assaulted trying to walk off the playing field. Or Texas fans shooting the bird and trying to dry hump tech's player bus. Or trying to mock tech fans to their faces as they leave the facility. And fans are one thing, but when the opposing team's coaches and players can't even respect you, then that's not a team or a program I can respect. Period. We will likely kick the s#%t out of them when they return next month, but you won't see anyone trying to rub it in their faces. Until that happens, we are not them.
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  3. JoeDallas

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    I had the same reaction to Vic's presser yesterday. He always says at the end that it is all his responsibility, but he spent most of the time blaming the players for not playing hard enough, not giving enough effort. I can't buy that, that they weren't trying hard enough. I think they were thrown by the zone, certainly the defense any team should use against Texas. When the shots weren't falling at the first, there may have been a loss of focus. His main complaint, other than not giving enough effort, was that they didn't try to get it inside enough. Well, it is dumb to throw it inside when the post players are blanketed by defenders. I have seen Texas have a million turnovers over the years because they were trying desperately to get it inside to please the coach, be it Vic or Jody or Karen. Vic has a system that is often great, but he has trouble seeing outside that one lens. If it is not working, then it must be the players' fault. When he says it is his responsibility, I think he means he needs to beat his ideas into their heads harder, rather than doing some basic questioning about whether his ideas are always the right ones.
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  4. Run Pincher

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    That is probably my biggest frustration. Coach continues to complain in the pressers, so you know it's being emphasized in practice, about getting the ball inside.

    Hey, dummy, if the other team has decided they're not going to let you get it inside it's not going to happen. It's so frustrating to watch Rori throw it in to Gaston only to have 3 players converge on her easily intercepting the ball. Then the coach complains about all the turnovers.

    If I'm the other coach I'm loving the other team doing that over and over and expecting a different result. Just like Sark continuing to run into a stacked line and Bijan dragging 3 players 2 yards just to get back the the LOS.

    Now there have been plenty of dumb turnovers such as getting baited to throw it across the lane when there's a player there just waiting for it. I hate that to, but not as much as trying to work it inside when the other team has decided to take it away.

    Every really good team has some outside shooters to spread it out so you can work it in. If Shaylee and Sonya are off, it's going to be a long night. At least have the bigs move out and set a pick so the guards can drive it in. Shaylee has a great Tony Parker floater when she actually gets a chance to use it.
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  5. texexted

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    This is a fan forum. Bitching and complaining goes with sports.
    We are all aware Texas lost and most are aware most Tech fans are trash and their coach fits right in. I can’t recall a coach refusing to shake hands. What a baby.
    And you wonder why her player shoots the bird at fans and dances around with upside down Horns on the court after the game.
    She’s just imitating her coach.
    Hope we beat them 50 when come here.
    We’ll make sure we give their coach a very warm/hot welcome.
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  6. Gylcomer

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    I was born and raised in Lubbock. Luckily my parents moved us to Westlake in 1970 before my sophomore year in high school. Most of you. even now, have no idea how much they despise us. I hate the place but more so the people. Last year I lived there again for 6 months to wrap up family business. Not one of my many childhood friends that still live there wanted anything to do with me because I’m a Longhorn and that’s a marvelous thing.
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  7. old65horn

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    My last semester at Texas, my Roomie had a friend that had been a Rice football player as our 3rd roommate. He explained it. He hated Texas and regarded Texas as Rices most bitter rival. He said Texas players knew that but he could tell they really did not respect Rice as an opponent or a rival which made him madder.
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  8. HornView

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    If you’re insisting on respect and to be considered a rival you have to win more than 20% of the time and not go 28 and 15 years in between wins. So they consider that arrogance. To me they are the ones being arrogant.
    Everyone considers Texas a rival but everyone on the schedule can’t be a rival. Just not how it works. If you’re going to demand respect you have to earn it bottom line
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  9. longhornlegend

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    If the coach really didnt shake Vics hand thats pure trash. Win or lose, show some respect for the game. I have never liked how horrible the tech fans are towards other teams but is mostly because they are so miserable being tech fans. I suspect Joey Maguire will do well there. He is not trash but he gets the vibe that makes tech work and he is a very good coach. I dont think he or the mens coach are classless like the womens basketball coach. Just enjoy the fact that we dont have to see them or play them after the move east. In the immortal words of governor good hair(rick perry)....adios mofo.
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  10. CreakyHorn

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    I bought tickets last night. Will be my first game at Moody and I'm really jazzed about it. Now I just need to figure out how to get down to Austin for a Wednesday night game.
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  11. texexted

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    We’ll be there - making sure the Tech coach has a miserable experience LOL
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  12. Moooooo

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    You might want to clarify exactly what he said. Last year, it was an assistant coach who wouldn't shake his and. So, if he didn't specifically state that it was their head coach, but stated "again", then he was talking about an assistant coach.
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