Texas v. Greatest Pitcher on Earth (Part II)

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by slugfest, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Endust

    Endust 500+ Posts

    cole - "wtf"?

    another error puts runner in scoring position.
  2. swraith

    swraith 250+ Posts

    crap. another mistake, another run for ASU
  3. TxnByBirth

    TxnByBirth 1,000+ Posts

    Cole is seriously outpitching Leake but the fielding is letting him down. Sucks the fielders slipped or he's out with no damage there.
  4. Endust

    Endust 500+ Posts

    2-1 devils on single scoring keystone cops' runner from second.
  5. CanaTigers

    CanaTigers 2,500+ Posts

    This team is much like this years basketball team. They play gritty and grind out wins when they probably shouldn't but then try to give it away at other times.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Come on Horns. [​IMG]
  7. givemhel

    givemhel 100+ Posts

    this team reminds me of my daughters. I love em, but they sure can piss me off!
  8. orangecat

    orangecat 1,000+ Posts

    now we know why Augie always subs for Preston.
  9. EasternHorn

    EasternHorn 500+ Posts

    damn, free run.
  10. NickDanger

    NickDanger 2,500+ Posts

    The 2-2 home run to Torres was not Leake's fault. It was the ump's fault for not calling the previous pitch a strike so Leake had to throw it in the strike zone.
  11. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill 1,000+ Posts

    Looked like my son's little league team in the field. [​IMG]
  12. Endust

    Endust 500+ Posts

    bunting keyes over doesn't seem like such a great idea.
  13. HTownSmitty

    HTownSmitty 25+ Posts

    Leake is such a great athlete than he can make a routine play look routine.
  14. OrangeRB

    OrangeRB 500+ Posts

    Our batters aren't being patient enough. Leake is not pitching any better than he was in the first game but our batters were much more patient. Make him throw you a strike.

  15. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill 1,000+ Posts

    Leake has got to tire eventually.
  16. warrior

    warrior 2,500+ Posts

    On 2 days rest I cannot believe Leake has lasted this long, read that he is suppose to be injured seriously?
  17. orangecat

    orangecat 1,000+ Posts

    I agree Wild Bill, to me he looks uncomfortable, and he might tire in the next 3 innings. I don't think they have much after him.
  18. Goothrey

    Goothrey 100+ Posts

  19. Goothrey

    Goothrey 100+ Posts

    Hornfans clock is a good 15 minutes off.
  20. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I bet there's a story behind that Rudy guy...
  21. WestGAHorn

    WestGAHorn 500+ Posts

    Rudy's brief moment in the sun? Are you kidding me?? you remind us every time the kid's name is mentioned in the field or at the plate that they're related. Trust me, we couldn't forget they're related even if we tried.
  22. Number_6

    Number_6 100+ Posts

    Our fielding is killing us, giving up cheap runs...
  23. swc.lives.on

    swc.lives.on 500+ Posts

    Just be thankful the pitcher and catcher aren't roommates, or we probably wouldn't hear the end of it.

    No hidden meaning to the "pitcher/catcher" reference. NTTAWWT.
  24. Endust

    Endust 500+ Posts

    what the **** are we doing in the outfield?

  25. slugfest

    slugfest 500+ Posts

    Yikes. Those weren't good pitches either.
    Game's half done
    2-1 ASU
  26. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

  27. slugfest

    slugfest 500+ Posts

    I imagine Green's done after a nice effort. McKirahan, Stafford or Carillo in the 6th?
  28. CanaTigers

    CanaTigers 2,500+ Posts

    Why can't they just have a nice peaceful blow out like LSU has had.
  29. cochamps

    cochamps 2,500+ Posts

    need runs!
  30. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill 1,000+ Posts

    WTF is wrong with our fielding tonight? Time to rally and get hot at the plate!

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