Texas v Houston

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Apr 24, 2018.


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  2. mchammer

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    Good gravy. How many walks, HBP, and errors have Houston committed?
  3. Htown77

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    Terrible game by both teams, but I will take the win.

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    Horns win 9-4 to push their record to 29-15. Road trip to Morgantown coming up this weekend as Horns get back in to Big XII play.
  5. Dionysus

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  6. WorsterMan

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    Horns must take 2 of 3 from 'Neers to stay close in the top of the Big XII standings.
  7. Run Pincher

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    Yep, I'll take the win any way we can get it, but hitting like we did against cooger high isn't going to cut it. As bad as the CH pitching was, our hitting was even worse. I think we were 0-15 at one point with RISP. That won't win games against the mountain ears, or anyone else on the remaining schedule.
  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    West Virginny is not a very good team and we should roll them. A sweep would be nice, but I think I'd be happy taking 2 of 3.

    Let's be honest, who really thought we'd be 11-4, only one game out of first and have a shot to win the conference at this point of the season?
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  9. Run Pincher

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    Yep, have to agree with that too, but with heightened performance comes heightened expectations.
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  10. ViperHorn

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    Road trip. Could be very good - could be horrible. We have seen both this season.
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