Texas v. Kansas May 19-20, 2022

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    Yeah wife and I wanted to catch a few games but something, graduation maybe, is causing hotel prices to be way up there this weekend.
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    Daniel Hegarty
    6'2" 210 lbs
    4.43 ERA
    1.36 WHIP

    32 Strikeouts
    19 Walks

    There is one good starting pitcher on the KU staff, and Hegarty is he. Good control pitcher. Fastball doesn't have real high velocity, but it does sink right around the plate. Decent curveball and a tricky change-up.

    "On the mound, delivery with good tempo, rhythm and flow. Maintains body control throughout. Three-quarters arm slot, arm works. Fastball with late cut/sink life around the plate. Breaking ball with 1/7 shape, at times sharp action. Change-up with arm-side fade, dies away from right-hander’s bats as it approaches the plate, maintains arm speed, deceptive pitch. [F]eel for three pitches..."

    Daniel Hegarty
    Prep Baseball Report - Player: Daniel Hegarty
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    Other than the two players above, the Jayhawks really aren't that good...
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    Just glancing at the final weekend in the B12, it wouldn't be surprising to see a 3-way tie for first place in the final standings (TCU, OSU and TT).
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    "Toto, We not in daKine Islan's no mo'!
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    Just tuned in. Wow what an offensive performance!
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    GRAND SLAM!!!!!


    11-2 us

    Bottom of the 4th

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    Bats have been on fire!
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    2 run HR by KU. KU drilled Hansen there.

    11-4 us.

    top of the 6th.
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    Hansen gives up a lot of those
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    They walked Silas.
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    Nothing comes of it

    on to the 7th

    11-4 Horns

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    Enter Sthele in the 7th.

    He’s struggled. But he has some good stuff.
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    Base hit.

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    This is BULLSHEET! 7-run lead and cant throw strikes? Yank his ***!
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    Another walk by Sthele

    Bases loaded

    Dennys is just down the road.
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    Im really really tired of college pitchers who cant throw strikes. Please take the T off their caps.
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    Hey! Tristan is coming in for relief.
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    It must be true that good pitching beats good hitting because good hitting cant overcome ****** pitching. I know we are winning this game (so far) but this is the best hitting Texas team Ive ever seen and we are probably not going to even host a regional and its because our bullpen is so unspeakably horrible.
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    Tristan fans Maui Ahuna with his almost 0.400 batting average!

  24. Chop

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    Ballsy Tristan goes up high on big slugger Metcalf than got him chasing in the dirt for the K. Metcalf had that Homerun earlier.

    2 Ks.
    No runs.
    Fantastic job Tristan!

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    Pierce to Sthele: Go sit and the end of the bench and do not bother me. At least I hope thats what he said.
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    And speaking of chasing in the dirt…

    That’s about the only weakness in Faltine’s game.

    He wants to go golfing.
  27. Chop

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    Hodo jacks a solo homer!!!


    12-4 us
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    Hodo goes deep to LF to make it 12-4 us.
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    Ahhhhh, but what would that do to his self esteem…

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    Ivan drills a hard shot to third. Error. One on. Two out.

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