Texas v Texas State 5.1.18

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    The Horns host Texas State tonight in the second of three mid week tilts with them with the third game coming next week. Horns won first game last month and look to end a two game losing streak and get some momentum ahead of a huge trip to Lubbock this weekend.
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    Holy cow, Horns win 11-10 scoring 5 in the 9th inning and Hamilton ending it with a walk off grand slam.

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    Holy Toledo! Talk about unlikely endings!

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    Another view

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    Exciting win but our pitching staff is a dang dumpster fire.
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    Pierce said he was using this game to look at pitchers, still trying to see who will step up. It's almost like he was willing to risk a loss for the sake of live pitching evaluation. And frankly, I don't like that it comes down to doing that so late in the season, but I can live with it. Coaches have to be about the process more than about the results.
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    I didn't see anyone step up, but a W is a W.
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    Agree - I mostly saw a bunch of guys who can't throw strikes.

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