Texas v. Texas Tech April 30-May 2, 2021

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Apr 29, 2021.

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    I don’t think there was enough of a look to overturn that call.
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  2. Chop

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    Agreed. It looked inconclusive to me. Further, when the runner is on base for any amount of time and raises his hand for timeout, play should be stopped. Tech may have gotten a freebie.
  3. Chop

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    Do the umps just want to hurry up and get home ...?

    Melendez was safe at first.
  4. Chop

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    More wild pitches by Tech. And he hit us with a pitch. Yet another pitching change.

    They played real solid the first two games, and now they fall apart.

    7-2 UT.
  5. Chop

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    HODO with the Grand Slam!!!

    11-2 us


    Wish we could’ve had some of this the last two games.
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    So, 3-3 after first two series. Before OSU, I said I would be happy with 5-4 result after all 3 series (some of you disagreed). If we take 2 out of 3 from TCU, I would be happy.
  7. Chop

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    Tech — their top two starters and top couple of guys in their bullpen are really good. But it falls off a cliff after that (with some serious control problems). Their batting lineup is solid. They’re good enough to challenge to win their regional.

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    TCU finished sweep of WVU and is 15-3 in conference. Horns sit two games back of the Frogs and three games ahead of Tech with two series left.
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  9. Chop

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    What an outing by Hansen! Standing O by the crowd for Hansen. I think we’ll see quite a bit more of him.

    And 7 strikeouts for those who obsessively obsess over those... :beertoast:
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  10. old65horn

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    We need madden to regain his pre OSU form again.

    His Friday start is critical for any series.
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  11. HornHuskerDad

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    Absolutely essential to win this game and avoid being swept. And two of three at TCU is the minimum acceptable - a sweep would be terrific.
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  12. FWHORN

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  13. FWHORN

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    Highlights from Sunday:

  14. giveemhell

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    Hansen has been pitching better than Kubichek in recent weeks. Should Pierce move him to the Sunday starting slot, or is there a reason that wouldn't be a good role for him?
  15. Vino Bevo

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    Local sports talk this morning reported Pierce was doing just that.
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