Texas v. Texas Tech March 24-26, 2023

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Mar 24, 2023.


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    This evens things up a little for the Horns brain farts last year in Lubbock where they would come back and take a lead only to blow it at the end, Tech returns the favor today with that ninth inning tie and then just handing it right back. That would have been a real kick in the nuts loss but hey the streak is at 13 and the chance tomorrow to close out a perfect homestand and a sweep to start conference play is still on table.:hookem:
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  2. LonghornCatholic

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    Check out Tech fan hitting the exit quicker than a hiccup lol
  3. WorsterMan

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    Poooooor raiders!!!
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  4. STHAustin

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    Kirk Dressendorfer's #10 was retired today (Saturday). I don't know how many on Hornfans are lucky (or old) enough to have seen him pitch, but he was fantastic. A win was expected every time he took the mound. 33 complete games in three years at Texas. He spoke with Charlie Hurley at length, and also spoke with Witt--perhaps comparing injuries?? Anyway, I hope he spread a lot of good pitching mojo in the dugout today.
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  5. NottaHorn

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    Ugh! Get out the brooms today Horns, Tech’s Sundays are just a bullpen pitch by committee day. This one’s been in your win column all along sadly. I miss you Kurt Wilson!!!!
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  6. Chop

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    Just saw Game 2 on my recording.

    Pitching was pretty good, especially Shaw who worked out of a mess minimizing damages, but not great. I wouldn't have used Morehouse after he threw so many pitches on Friday.


    Brown--continues to impress

    Galvan--big homerun!!!

    Kennedy and Campbell--both continue to impress. Kennedy's stolen base, followed by Campbell's base hit ultimately put us ahead.

    Guillemette and Jack -- keep playing well
  7. Chop

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    I'm thrilled to take this series from Texas Tech--they're one of the best teams in the conference. Now, on to the SWEEP!!!

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  8. Chop

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    Guillemette's excellent play at the plate!!!

    1. Good call by Coach to put in Guillemette for that last inning.
    2. Ballsy, tough blocking and tag by Guillemette.

    It was the difference.

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  9. Chop

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    So who starts on the mound on Sunday?



  10. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    It’s Hurley!

    This is Chuck’s chance to shine on the big stage in Austin.

  11. Texadelphia

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    Powell 2-run HR bottom of the first! 2-0 Horns. Headed to T2.
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  12. Texadelphia

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    HR Galvan - 2nd this weekend. 3-0 Good Guys.
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  13. Texadelphia

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    Hurley has plunked 3 Tech batters so far. 2 walks and an HBP in T4, bases loaded for Tech. 1 out.

    3-0 Horns.
  14. mchammer

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    Hurley walks 2 and hits another batter to load the bases. I just don’t understand the mental issue when you are up 3-0. Is it being selfish to lower your ERA and put yourself ahead of the team by not throwing strikes? If so, coach needs to yank the pitcher after 1-2 chances to reverse the situation.
  15. Texadelphia

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    In other news - aggy swept by the Vols this weekend. We play them in Collie Station this Tuesday - they’ll be jacked up like spider monkeys on Mt Dew for that one - 3 game skid and Big Bro comin’ to town. Listeria Stadium will be rockin’ for that one.
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  16. aUTfan

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    My pick before the season was for Guillemette or Galvan to be candidates for the DH position, whichever one didn't win the starting spot behind the plate. Safe to say that Galvan is our best DH so far this season. He's going to be a monster before he leaves the 40 acres.
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  17. Texadelphia

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    Hurley strikes out the Tech batter for out #3 - Horns get out of a jam giving up only 1 run. 3-1 Horns heading into B4.
  18. Your Wrong

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    Hurley has been struggling to throw strikes all day. It’s just one of those days.
  19. Texadelphia

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    Thomas with a lead off HR to get the run back!! 4-1 Texas. b4, no outs.
  20. mchammer

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    Yeah but on a day like today where Horns are hitting, the only way Horns will lose is multiple multi-run HR’s by the opposition.
  21. Texadelphia

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    HR Powell! 2nd of the day and of the inning!! 5-1 Horns, b4.
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  22. Texadelphia

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    Update: no Orange Jeebus siting yet today. Still early though, so there’s hope yet.

    That is all.
  23. Texadelphia

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    Hurley’s day is done. Walbridge coming in relief, T5.
  24. Horn6721

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    I can't imagine how COOL it would be to be at the game with a Horns sweep and Then to listen and then watch Horns get to Final Four.
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  25. Olehornfan

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    We are not winning this game because of outstanding pitching. Hope Duplantier has some stuff.
  26. Texadelphia

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    Kash HR for Tech. DuP in for relief. 5-2, UT. T6.
  27. mchammer

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    Just don’t give them freebies with BB and HBP.
  28. mchammer

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    That would be one player that pitching around and walking would not necessarily be bad. Just not smart pitching.
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  29. Chop

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    Caught up to real time on watching recording, and trying to juggle with bball game.

    Great power by Powell x2, Galvan, and finally Thomas!!!

    Daly and Jack bailed Walbridgenout with that double play. Then Walbridge gives up the HR to Cash.

    Hurley did fine overall. 1 run in 4.1 innings. He was working his breaking stuff pretty well.

    Tech’s OF has made
    Some outstanding grabs, robbing us a few times.

    Keep it up Horns—this ain’t over yet.

  30. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    Agree with the concept of getting Walbridge some innings for more experience and to redeem himself.

    Disagree with doing it against Tech with the game still in question.
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