Texas vs. Ark 2008 - Road Trip Revisited

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    Why not, it's the off season and my Tulsa buddy Texas George (HF aka baoklahorn) sent me this email today. I sent him the narrative of our trip shortly after our journey to Austin to see the Horns pound arky 52-10. Maybe it will put a smile on your face:

    Random memories of a great Longhorn weekend:

    Traveling to Austin Friday afternoon - talking UT football most of the trip

    Texas George praises HF poster Hawgustus Caesar and what a great handle it is!

    Honking at / giving Hook 'em Horns to hawg and Horn fans along the way

    UT football ! No wife, no kids, no employers, no chores, no bills, no worries!

    WorsterMan makes his first dumb suggestion during the trip: let's skip the game, fly to Vegas and gamble all our money

    We arrive at Ground Zero - drive around campus, DKR, walk down the drag, visit the Co - Op and buy over-priced Horn merchandise

    WorsterMan calls out: all praise Hawgustus Caesar!

    Dinner & Shiners at Stubbs World Famous Bar-B-Que

    Cruise 6th Street, ogle co-eds, look for players violating curfew

    Texas George makes his first dumb suggestion during the trip: let's ride motorcycles naked down 6th Street

    We head to the hotel, catch the weather report – continued HOT.

    We stay up late talking Horn football and trying to figure out women... we say forget it about women and go on to sleep.

    Sun comes up on a glorious day.... WorsterMan is the first one up on game-day and ready to see the Horns kick some ***!

    Drive into a sea of burnt orange in and around DKR

    We park by a Horn tailgate that is smoking an 80 lbs. HAWG!!!

    Second dumb thing WorsterMan does: leads a mock calling of the hawgs in the parking lot of the tailgate

    We worship the cut off burnt hawg head - it's stuck on the end of a re-bar stick by the grill

    Walking to the stadium we boast and yell obscenities at hawg fans

    We stand on the porch at Moncrief – Neuhause watching the players & coaches arrive and walk in

    Later Texas George boasts he can talk the security guard into letting us in the M-N Bldg.

    WM scoffs and tells TG: no way in HELL he lets us in, especially pre-game!!!

    Texas George tells the Security man at the entrance that W-Man is dying of a rare disease and my last wish is to tour the building and he promises we will only stay 5 minutes.

    TG and his trying to look sick side-kick, W-Man, ENTER the sacred burnt orange palace!

    Texas George stuns by immediately getting the autograph of Quan Cosby and then a high five!

    TG proceeds thru hallways, speaking to other players, shakes the hand of Greg Davis, and acting the whole time like he has known these people all his life!

    WorsterMan openly praises this incredible man and his moxey!

    Texas George has left the building....

    WM stumbles from the building still in awe of the greatness he just witnessed

    WorsterMan and TG attempt to snag seats in the shade on the 30 yard line West side lower deck before security chases them away

    The duo take their humble seats in the HOT sun in Sec. 14, row 34

    The teams and fans warm up in 93 degree temps… W-Man beckons the beer man.

    After observing the UT Chaps Girls through his binoculars for a few minutes, WorsterMan announces to all in the area, that he is in love!

    The Showband of the Southwest, The Mighty Longhorn Band plays “The Eyes” - we proudly stand salute & sing

    Kickoff and Old Smokey barks loudly!!

    Colt McCoy and the Horns proceed to dis-embowel the lowly hawgs from the get-go

    WorsterMan points out to the crowd that the stadium crawler says Ole Miss has upset the #2 ranked Gators in the Swamp - all are stunned but a cheer goes up.

    WorsterMan once again, professes his love for the Chaps Girls

    Texas George and WorsterMan never leave their seats – this game is serious bidness to these guys…

    TG discloses a scheme for his perfect weekend football trifecta to include the Dallas Cowboy game on Sunday

    Old Smokey belches one last time announcing the end of the game and a VERY impressive 52-10 thumping of the hawgs

    TG wonders out loud about the well-being of Hawgustus Caesar after the BEATDOWN of the hawgs

    Dejected hawgs fans are humiliated and wander to their vehicles to get the hell out of Austin… just like we like ‘em

    We walk past the tailgate with the grill with the burned hawg head on a stick and it’s still there.

    Then, AIR CONDITIONING and the drive back to Dallas – 1300 The Zone post game, scores of various college football upsets of the day, Colt for Heisman talk and discussion of the thrashing of the hawgs

    Texas George works on and perfects his storyline strategy to the wife for his football trifecta.

    He calls wifey during the ride to explain his theory of him going to the Cowboy game on Sunday and why it is a good idea.

    Wifey somehow takes the bait and Texas George high-fives WorsterMan

    WorsterMan is once again in awe of his greatness!

    WM for the last time, praises the Chaps Girls and their glory.

    Texas George drops WorsterMan at his humble abode and then finds a flea bag hotel close to Jerry World for the night.

    The Texas George Trifecta saga will continue on Sunday without me….
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    Good read! I miss the Horns being great.
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    Ok...well done ...with some added embellishments by heir meister Worsterman.
    Two things.
    A. When we get through the doors of
    Moncrief Neuhaus...
    WorsterMan has this understandably shocked look on his face. Texas George seeing this, remarks sharply.." The name is BOND, JAMES BOND"! THIS definitely happened.

    Secondly....I see The GREAT QUAN jogging inside the building with earbuds on...I reach up to tap him on the shoulder..and he gives me a look like he's about to coldcock me...I exclaim " Beat the hell out of the Hawgs" and that face changed instantly to a smile!
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    Only game I made it to in 2008 because I was living overseas. Great walk down memory lane and left me remembering my trip back to the states to catch that game. As I recall it had been moved because of Hurricane Ike and I remember getting my flights changed, and everything working out to get to Austin by way of Houston when it looked like the storm had screwed everything up. Colt seemed to make every single pass that day and I remember telling my buddy that the Horns just might have a chance against a stacked OU team if Colt came out the same against the Sooners. I had sat through the home game beat down in 2003 by Arkansas and the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 2000 beatdown where Major and Chris both got beat up by the pigs so this was super sweet.
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    Thanks for sharing. Great stories and memories!

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