Texas vs. Baylor, Part 2

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by EasternHorn, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. nashhorn

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    Good effort ladies!
  2. horninchicago

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    Dang. They fought hard.


    Thanks for the updates!
  3. MajesticII

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    Hope this doesn't drop us out of the top four for the play offs...3 losses including a loss to Rice and a Stanford team that is losing matches left and right.... Committee screwed us when we were #2 in the nation a year or two ago... battled and took 'em to 5 after losing the first 2..hope Committee does us right this year....Texas and Baylor both should be top 4 seeds !!!!!!!!! IF both win out....
  4. circle1060

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    16 service errors! You can't beat good teams giving away 16 points.
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  5. DINO22

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    Going 5 set's help Texas, more then hurt them.
    Still should be the No.1 Seed.
  6. Jacob Johnson

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    Without a doubt Texas will be in the top 4. They are 2nd in the RPI and the committee will take into consideration that all of the losses Texas has are in 5 sets as well as the way they dominated Baylor at home. Also considering Stanford was swept by ucla and Wisconsin lost to ohio state so there really are no teams who can knock texas out of the top 4 based off of ranking, RPI, and the "eye test" but it was a well fought match hopefully everyone is okay from there injuries from the match and we get ready for these last two matches then we get ready to go win a championship!

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