Texas vs ECU 03/18/2023

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Mar 16, 2023.

  1. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    Midnight madness... Let's go! :thumbup:
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  2. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    I don't know enough about ECU to know if I should even be worried. And if I should, what aspects of the game should I be worried about?
  3. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    With the Jekyll and Hyde identity of this team, I worry about everybody. Will we ever put together a squad where we fans can just sit back and relax, and enjoy our team playing well on a consistent basis? In that aspect, I envy fans of South Carolina, UConn, Stanford, KM era Baylor, etc.
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  4. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    I decided to compare the two teams side-by-side and it has me a bit worried. They seem to have some of the defensive (steals, forced turnovers) numbers that Texas had at the beginning of the season. Looks like they're a bunch of shorter, faster, ball-poking players than our team. But they also are loose with their possessions as well. The numbers below are their NCAA ranking in each category.
  5. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts


    Deleting post because I scouted the Colgate Women's roster instead of ECU. I must be getting old, conflating the men's and women's opponents like that. Yowza.
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  6. UrsusArctos

    UrsusArctos 25+ Posts

    37.8% from the floor
    23.4% from 3
    62.6% from the stripe
    (So not too spiffy)

    Texas Shooting:
    44.6% from the floor
    34.0% from 3
    67.9% from the stripe

    East Carolina Pirates Schedule:
    vs South Carolina State W71-35
    vs Wake Forest L57-46
    vs UNC Wilmington W76-49
    vs High Point W65-54 OT
    vs Charleston Southern W64-31
    vs Liberty W72-64

    @ Virginia L72-50
    @ George Mason L54-41

    vs VCU W69-51
    vs Maryland-Eastern Shore W67-41

    @ Gardner-Webb L67-59
    vs North Carolina A&T W79-49
    @ Hampton W64-60

    vs Tulsa L55-47
    @ Memphis W55-47
    vs Tulane W63-53
    @ Temple W72-51

    @ SMU L68-66
    vs Cincinnati W61-53
    @ Wichita State W66-57

    vs Memphis L61-53
    @ South Florida L72-48

    @ UCF W68-54
    vs Temple W67-52
    vs Wichita State W79-62
    @ Cincinnati W68-57
    vs UCF W63-57
    vs Houston W88-83 3OT

    @ Tulane L64-56
    vs Tulane W69-58
    vs Memphis W69-60
    vs Houston W46-44

    Their level of competition is certainly not the same as ours, but an impressive number of wins.
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  7. UTSUgrad

    UTSUgrad 100+ Posts

    A cautionary tale from the men's tournament (Dallas Morning News report):
    "In one of the worst performances this season, the No. 7 Texas A&M Aggies lost 76-59 against the tenth-seeded Penn State Nittany Lions and exited the NCAA Tournament in the first round ... Andrew Funk had the shooting game of his career on Penn State’s biggest stage in more than two decades ... Funk went 8 of 10 on 3-pointers and scored 27 points in the Nittany Lions’ first NCAA Tournament victory in 22 years ... The loss also prevents the Aggies from playing No. 2 seed Texas in the second round ..."

    We're not Aggies, mercifully, but it's the time of year when we have to show up ready to play in every game. Not sure why I'm more hyper than usual about the first/early rounds this year. In Vic we trust. And Rori. :hookem:
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  8. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 2,500+ Posts

    Fortunately Andrew Funk won't be playing against Vic and Rori, but I do have some concerns about him playing against Terry and Carr.
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  9. racerx5908

    racerx5908 2,500+ Posts

    Another way of looking at this is:

    1. ECU came in third in the AAC behind Houston and Memphis
    2. ECU got a bid for the NCAAs because they won the AAC tournament (although their record would have probably gotten them in anyway)

    If the team can guard against the 3, we should be okay. A 12-8 first quarter would be nice.
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  10. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    Sonya Morris is with the team. She was just on Aaliyah Moore’s live taking team photos. She came to the camera and said “I’m back”. I can finally get sleep now but she did have a leg brace on. Not a boot more of a compression type of brace.
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  11. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

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  12. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 2,500+ Posts

    Sonya (next to Taylor) is moving really well as the ladies open practice with what sounds like the Dropkick Murphys.

    She’s never been fast and running next to Shay doesn't help but you can tell she’s not at 100%.

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  13. LutherIsMyDog

    LutherIsMyDog 1,000+ Posts

    Good catch. I didn't recognize Sonya with the darker hair color.
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  14. Bucksgal

    Bucksgal 500+ Posts

    Oh my, I think I got a little (lot) tears in my eyes after reading this post! Go HORNS!
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  15. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Sonya’s return, but I’m sure she’ll be on some sort of limited minutes. Will be interesting to see if she starts or comes off the bench tonight.

    PSA: in case you have the same plan as myself. I’ve decided to attend the first game and listen to the men’s game on the Longhorn radio broadcast. When I went to see what time the broadcast starts (6:00 pm) on the Texas Athletics schedule, it said it’s through “The Varsity Network App” so I downloaded it and got signed up ahead of time.
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  16. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

    Is Sonya warming up? I hope so.
  17. justabbfan

    justabbfan 250+ Posts

    Why is it our games get a delayed start so often? Very frustrating. I hope they mean tip time is 9:15 and not 10:15.
  18. cnb

    cnb 5,000+ Posts

    Tipoff isn't till 9:13. Most of the posters complain about the announcers anyway.
  19. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Vic is right, all ball or not, Shay already had her hand there before the shooter went up.
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  20. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Well we just got a makeup bailout call on the other end after Gaston dribbled herself into a poor spot and just chucked it up.
  21. cynt

    cynt 1,000+ Posts

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  22. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    Love to see Morris out there. I for sure didn’t think she would be playing since she was limited in practice.
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  23. cnb

    cnb 5,000+ Posts

    This would already be a blow out if we hadn't put ECU on the so often.
  24. justabbfan

    justabbfan 250+ Posts

    Sonya doing her 3 thang! Love it.
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  25. cnb

    cnb 5,000+ Posts

    Morris says hello with a 3..!!
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  26. cnb

    cnb 5,000+ Posts

    Don't like the fouls piling up.
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  27. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson 2,500+ Posts

    #23 for ECU has a horrible attitude:D she did a motion that Texas is paying the refs don’t in his face. Surprised she hasn’t gotten a tech yet. Does have potential though if she can get her attitude in check.
  28. cnb

    cnb 5,000+ Posts

    ECU struggling for any offense against our D.
    10 of their 24 points from the line.
  29. HornView

    HornView 1,000+ Posts

    Shaylee needs 13 points to reach 2,000 according to her Mom
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  30. brnkj

    brnkj 2,500+ Posts

    The kind of game we needed. Good job.
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