Texas vs Kansas 01/14/21

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Jan 14, 2021.

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    Charlie got her 7th double double of the season. Averaging 22/10
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    Which is what confused me initially but I went to Danny Davis page and he was asked about it on Twitter and he said Vic got his words mixed up and probably didn't realize what he had said. He confirmed that Warren did not sustain another injury but she has been out from the first injury. She will be back at practice probably today or tomorrow.
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    I said the same thing about a week ago. I think she can take a charge but it's the extra falling she does that I think is hurting her. It may get us extra possessions but the way she falls and ads the acting affect to it just looks painful. She doesn't even protect her head either which scares me everytime I see her go down. When asked about Warren changing her game, Vic said he doesn't feel like she needs to and basketball is a physical sports which I agree with but in terms of long term I think a change is needed.
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    My observations which are probably not worth the virtual page upon which they are written...

    Collier’s defense early was a bit/somewhat lacking and I assume that was her being overly hesitant to get called for a foul early on. In her defense, the refs in the women’s game in my opinion do a poor job of calling big or tall players. The whistle is often blown prematurely.

    With just over a minute left in the fourth, Ebo got a much needed offensive rebound and kicked it out to Celeste. Instead of running down the clock she took a quick shot giving the ball back to Kansas who scored a three. That got them to within 7 which could have been disastrous. JAT did the same thing the next time down but thankfully got the foul. But Kansas cut the lead to 5.

    With 2 minutes to go we went from up 12 to up 5. This could/should have been a 12+ point win had we slowed down in the final two minutes.

    But it all worked out as Lambert went 4/4 from the charity stripe.

    I know many of us want/expect blow outs. But a win is a win. This was a good game. We were in control for most of it. It will be interesting to see how we match up when both teams have their full roster available.

    Although this is a team that, understandably, relies heavily on Charli, we actually have multiple good offensive options. I think that is our area of greatest opportunity.

    (For those who don’t know me, I’m an undefeated club ball coach. I stopped coaching years ago when my daughter stopped wanting to play. I went to school with several of the players from our NC team. Friends with a few D1 coaches. Most coaches cannot mention much of the private things that might have contributed to poor performance. Don’t assume a bad game or bad loss wasn’t warranted by what might have been happening off court in the players personal lives. Love this program and this sport always. I sucked when I played. Like really sucked.)
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    Coach Vic used one word in his post game presser that, IMO, sums up this team... Immature. They will mature into their leadership roles as we go along, and the others will follow.

    It's a whacky season with the pandemic, and it's a rebuilding season for us. I personally am just trying to enjoy that we have a season to watch, and glad that everyone gets an additional year. That creates some options and potentially quite a bit to work with next season.

    Then there's the possibility that the NCAA passes the one-time transfer rule. No telling who may end up on our roster should that happen.
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    That's why I say we will have a championship level team next year for that reason alone. Unfortunately I do expect some freshman now to transfer after this year and Vic can easily attract top level talent to join the already amazing players we have coming in next season. The transfer portal will be very good to us under Vic
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    I think the freshmen would have to come in and be difference makers on offense and defense from the beginning in order for them to be a championship level team next year which is asking a lot.
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    It is but believe me when I tell you Kyndall Hunter & Rori Harmon are college ready. I don't know about Moore because I have not watched any of her games this season but I'm sure she will be ready. Rori Harmon is a different type of player and it will be very hard for anyone in the country to stay in front of her. It helps that she is very well conditioned. She plays full court pressure defense the entire game and barely breaks a sweat.
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    There's no question that physically they're prepared to play but experience and being able to handle it mentally is also important.
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