Texas vs Kansas State

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Malcom, Jan 23, 2022.

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    They changed the rule a few years back that end of quarter heaves don't count against you.
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    Matharu, JAT and Warren did what they do… they found ways to score. All three in double digits. But Ebo is a perfect example of why the best player isn’t always apparent from looking at the stat line. Her 9 rebounds were indeed impressive. But her guarding of Lee is almost certainly why we won this game.

    Lee attempted 20 shots and missed 11. That was 40% of KSU’s shot attempts. So much of what KSU does, goes through Lee. You contain Lee and you constrain KSU. Also give credit to Gaston who did a good job of not letting anyone else from KSU step up. And Holle had some good moments off the bench.

    Vic’s teams do a fantastic job of slowing down an offense. We limited our last three opponents to less than 50. It’s why I’m feeling pretty good about OU. They shoot very well but have almost no defense. Technically, we are their perfect storm.

    The only thing that has disrupted us this year is a good zone defense and we proved in the last three games that we’ve learned to overcome that. The extra pass against KSU was a thing of beauty. Bring on #18 OU. I’m ready.

    Hook ‘Em!
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    This was one of my favorite plays of the game. All I could think was "silky smooth" . . .

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    Btw from Vic’s latest presser we now know why Kyndall and Latosha did not play in the KSU game. Hunter has a thumb injury and Lattimore’s illness caused her to miss several practices
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