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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Olehornfan, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. mchammer

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    Correct. He had one short pass catch that I hoped would get him back on track. Play someone else. What happened to Burt.
  2. everette

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    I think the int was off a defenders hand.
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    The int did go off a defenders hands, but if the receiver keeps the route across the field instead of cutting up that never happens. Receiver is supposed to keep his body between him and the QB. He didn't shield off the DB and that led to the int from what I could tell.
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    LHABSOB 250+ Posts

    Was there any explanation giving on this? I turned to my wife at that time and said this was a absolutely the wrong call. Of course after we converted she said "looked like the right call to me".
  5. easy

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    Only dumbass statement I read was the one placing the blame of a bunch of unruly students that decided not to follow the rules on the AD. If any of us did what they did we would have been thrown out of the stadium or placed in handcuffs with no hesitation .
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  7. Joe Fan

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    #12 in coaches

  8. Joe Fan

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    #11 in AP

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    2008-2019 (to date) PPG

    '08 - 42.4
    '09 - 39.3
    '10 - 23.8
    '11 - 28.1
    '12 - 35.7
    '13 - 29.3
    '14 - 21.4
    '15 - 26.4
    '16 - 31.9
    '17 - 29.5
    '18 - 31.1
    '19 - 41.8
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  12. BurntOrangeLH

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    It was intended for him. Tough angle on the TV camera angle to tell if it reached him.
  13. Joe Fan

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    Herman is now 19-2 when leading at the half as our head coach.
    The two losses were -
    2017 vs Texas Tech 27-23
    2018 vs West Virginia 42-41
  14. Clean

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    I rewatched parts of the game. We were lucky that OSU didn't recover that on side kickoff. Two Cowboys had a shot at it before our guy corralled it. Two muffed punts and giving up an onside kickoff would have put me in the looney bin.

    Our special teams need some special attention during this two week break. DKR always emphasized being good on special teams. We've been poor at it dating back to the Mack Brown days.
  15. horninchicago

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    Considering we won with the 2 muffed punts and other mistakes, injuries, etc., gives me more optimism and gruntles me more than I have been for years with Texas.
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  16. Chop

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    My 2 cents (worth about that much) on short yardage and goalline ideas:

    1. QB bootleg or other QB roll out where Sam has the option to pass it or run it while outside the box/on the edge.
    2. Spread them out and quick slant to Duvernay.
    3. Roschon Johnson with a quick hitter off Angilau.
    4. Roschon Johnson leaping over the top of the pile.
    (3 and 4 above could be done in a normal formation or from a Wildcat--snapping directly to Roschon)
    5. High looping pass to the corner/sideline area to a tall, high jumping receiver (Johnson, Washington, Epps even).
    6. Sam under center, sneaking behind Shack and Angilau.
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  17. Buck-Horn

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    Can you actually read?!? In no way did I blame any students. I did not BLAME anyone. My point is the system is broken and it’s up to UT Admin to fix it. Students should give input, but UT should decide on the policy. My first point was I believe UT should implement some form of reserved seating arrangement.....that could take various forms.

    PLEASE READ my comments....but maybe that’s a real challenge for you!
  18. Joe Fan

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    We were between 7 and 14 on the ballots

  19. wadster

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    That onside kick was nasty. One of the best I've ever seen.
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  20. horninchicago

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    Understood. Just pointing out it's not a hurry up tempo style of play.
  21. nashhorn

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    Chop I’d add a 7. Tebow jump pass. Has worked for us in the past. Run it with Sam or Roschon.
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  22. TheKissNation

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    Ok Longhorn fans. We need your help. Who has a photo of the female LH fan wearing Gene Simmons makeup in Texas burnt orange. She was featured in a panning shot of the crowd early in the second quarter approximately at the 5 minute mark. Do not want or need name. Looking for the picture. They Eyes of the KISS Army on on you.
  23. SabreHorn

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    Easy to do. Set the ball up, hit the bottom of the top stripe. Ball goes 7 yards and takes a 10 ft high bounce. Never lost one.
  24. horninchicago

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  25. ViperHorn

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    The main problem with reserved seats is the students choose not to understand what that means, so it is not a workable solution. They want to sit with their friends, which at college-age, is more important than sitting where your ticket says to sit.

    They have the right idea, just not the capability to admit a sufficient number in 30 minutes. Also, the people in red shirts who were controlling where the ones who got in need to go away; from what I witnessed they were acting like seating nazis. The tickets and entry portals need to match the seating areas (use color tickets to match their seating areas - North and South Down and North and South Up). Get them through security; in the correct area; and let them be.
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  26. easy

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    that sounds like blame to me but hey what do I know I cant read right. if your going to keep hurling insults at least make them good that one was a little lame.
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  27. Austin_Bill

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    Is that really a thing still. I'm pretty sure most of the people in that are like 50ish blue hairs.

    I went to Black Sabboth's final concernt in Dallas, there were a lot of old dudes there rocking out. I'm not talking 50ish, I'm talking 70ish.

    Did Kiss actually make any albums after Destroyer? That was by far their best album.
  28. Statalyzer

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    I wonder if we're waiting to have Roschon throw any passes on trick plays until the OU game or even the CCG. When he was moved to RB I was sure we'd see a few of those.
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  29. zuckercanyon

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    let's try to win them all but one game at a time, please....
  30. wadster

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    One thing I noticed was Graham had a huge game and made multiple nice plays. Glad to see him playing well.
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