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Texas vs OU

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by Chase Campbell, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Chase Campbell

    Chase Campbell < 25 Posts

    Its a long shot but is anyone selling tickets this year to any of the longhorn games? Would love to be able to go to my family and I's first Red river rivalry just not sure what they would go for on here especially with the pandemic going on.
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  2. King of 40 Acres

    King of 40 Acres 25+ Posts

    I might have two for sale but they are Uppers behind the goalpost. I think face value for them was $155 or so a piece. DM me to make me an offer.
  3. EDT

    EDT 1,000+ Posts

    Sent you a PM
  4. EDT

    EDT 1,000+ Posts

    My daughter wants to take my grandson to a game this year before he goes to the US Marine Corps. He is a senior in high school. I don't have tickets this year. I don't think she really cares what game they go to. Please PM me the row, seats and price. I live in Houston. Thanks

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