Texas vs. Tennessee

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Bucksgal, Dec 5, 2019.


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    I’m sure it’s due to finals, but 10 days seems like a long time to wait for the next game. :confused2:
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  2. Moooooo

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    Negative and scared. What a great combination. Guess there was no reason for you to watch the game.
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  3. Bucksgal

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    Nice of you to post the valid game time for those living in the Mountain time zone. I'm sure everyone on here is a mind-reader.

    But, if anyone from the Central time zone had trusted your information, they'd have missed half the game.
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  5. Bucksgal

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    True, Moooo. I should have indicated Mountain Time in my post so folks wouldn't be confused. Mea Culpa!
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    No need to apologise @Bucksgal. Thanks for your participation and interaction on this board. Don't let the self-annointed "Mooooderator" spoil your experience.
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    It seemed to me we reversed the ball a whole lot more and more effectively against Tenn. The reversal led to better passing, open looks and driving to the rim. Hopefully, we have learned the lesson to reverse more. Attacking a zone defense is tough if they don't have to move or adjust.
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    I agree with you Leanderhorn...the Horns seemed more methodical. Also, I think Sug's hot start got everyone off on the right foot. I loved that Joyner tangled in the paint and Sug was hitting herself in the chest! And, who could not be happy to see Jada's spin move? And LaShann's 19pts??? and Celeste's hustle??? Nice to get some of that swagger back!
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    I’ve posted critical comments about the team - specifically the coaching. But sometimes this board seems like it’s comprised of middle school students (well - 3-4 posters).
    I wonder if the conversation would be more mature if it weren’t anonymous.
    Of course you’re free to air your personal grievances with each other but it sure is tiresome wading through those comments to find conversation regarding the team and the program.
    Just my worthless two cents.
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  10. leanderhorn

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    Except for one poster, everyone seems fine to me.
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  11. brnkj

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    I get that...and I'm guilty of going back and forth with one particular individual - simply because they viciously attack not only me but others (new members in particular) who post their personal POV but don't align with theirs.

    I'm not for bullying of any kind...and I can ASSURE YOU that I don't have keyboard courage and I definitely am not hiding behind anonymity. I'd love nothing more than to be able to have these "discussions' face-to-face.

    Bottom line....that person needs to stop attacking people, because I will not sit by and watch without addressing it. Notice, if you will, who is always the one initiating direct conflict with others and who are the ones that are simply defending.

    If you call standing up for yourself (and for what's right) immature, then so be it. I call not addressing bullies cowardly.

    You know you can always go to your settings and "ignore" certain users' posts.
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  12. jusme828

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    This was cool!!!!

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  13. brnkj

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    I think Jada's was the best, but then again I'm a bit biased. :hookem:
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  14. DFW_Horn

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  15. LutherIsMyDog

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  16. JoeDallas

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    I agree. I'm impressed with this detailed analysis. It is also nice to see someone give Karen Aston a little appreciation. That rarely happens. I'm so glad we didn't try to force it inside like we have so often in the past (main reason we just had 8 turnovers, I'd say). When both our guards have it going and the inside players have it going, we can be pretty tough.
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  17. DFW_Horn

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    I have my issues with the offensive ‘scheme’ and the sometimes irregular substitutions but those are kind of general in nature. There are 2 specific issues that I’ve harped on more than a few times: poor screening and bad post entry passing.
    • Screening just doesn’t seem to be taught well anymore - junior basketball and up, the ball handler goes too early before the screener can get set (offensive foul) or the player setting the screen doesn’t commit to it and they move before the player they’re trying to slow down/pick is unaffected. This isn’t a Texas issue, see it more and more at every level. There are individuals who do/did it very well, Nneka and Mide are recent Longhorns that come to mind, Sylvia Fowles is downright brutal in the WNBA.
    • I’ve grumbled to myself quite a bit about post entry passing at Texas over the last several seasons. Poor placement either draws the post away from the good position they’ve established or so off the mark they can’t receive it cleanly (turnover) - that seemed to be especially troublesome during the Nneka/Imani/Kelsey era. These days it seems to be more an issue of timing. Joyner or Charli move into and establish good position to get the ball in a one-on-one situation and the ball handler doesn’t make the pass or worse, hesitates, allowing defensive help to arrive and now the post is at a disadvantage. Charli got more than a few 3-second calls last season as a lot of freshman bigs do but this season most of them that I can think of could easily be attributed to the player with the ball holding onto it too long. Sad to admit but I chucked a shoe across the room during the Hawaii game when Charli had position right in front of the basket against a much smaller defender with no help and Jada just held onto the ball at the top of the key - 3 second call. Yes, Charli should have moved out of the lane a bit quicker but that was a textbook situation where, at worst, Charli would have ended up at the free throw line.
    Rant over. :mad:
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  19. Scamp

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    Howard Megdal: "Aston discussed both the contours and opaqueness of those [transfer] rules, along with so much else about her program, during an extended conversation with me this week, following Texas’ big 66-60 win at Rocky Top over Tennessee.""
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  20. Seattle4UT

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    KA is well spoken. Just frustrating success hasn’t consistently transpired for her program. Texas is not elite in my opinion. You need to win championships to truly be elite. She once again pins last season’s flop year on her. And explains what types of players she recruits for not just for her team but for the University of Texas. Just good insights on a variety of topics from the transfer portal to upcoming players to recruiting and the rigors of the Big 12 conf.

    On a side note what’s up with the ads from the podcast? Manscaped.com is a sponsor? lmao.
  21. Sangre Naranjada

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    We haven't been elite on a consistent basis since the late 80s/early 90s.
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  22. flash34

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    Aston talks a good game, articulate and direct. Takes responsibility for last year's disappointment and is proud of what her teams have done over the last 6-7 years. The jury is still out and the verdict will be the results for the rest of the year. The excellent Tennessee game was as unexpected as was the team's early struggles. The team may get better or it may revert back to struggling. Interesting to watch, especially the Stanford game. In listening where she talks about the recruits for next year and describes the bigs giving Collier the opportunity to play outside. It is apparent that Aston has promised Collier to get her outside after playing with back to the basket this year. It is also apparent that the two bigs are developmental. Aston says so. So I think she will get a big from JUCO or a transfer to allow Collier to go outside and give the young bigs time to develop. We'll see.
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