Texas vs. Texas State Game

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by DINO22, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. DINO22

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    Way to go Texas.
    Let start by praising Shook for setting the ball much better.
    She also got more hitter's involved in the game.
    I would still love to see Butler average 18 Kills a game. We got to find a way to get her the ball more.
    There was progress tonight. But I need more for Butler. She has to be 1 of the Top Middle in the Country.
    L.Eggleston continue to do her job as Freshman. I am so impress with the way she play.
    I felt like we did not get M. Johnson involved in the game that much.
    Petersen was a blessing for Texas. She is a Stud. OMG
    I love the Serving by Eggleston and Petersen and Yazzie.
    Passing was not bad.
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  2. BabHorn

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    I will disagree with you on the serving. It was bad, double digit service errors, not good at all, including some by those three you mentioned. Of course, we did get some nice aces as well, just not double digit aces.

    I continue to fail to see why people rag on Shook's play. My prediction is that she will be an All American before she graduates. Some of those balls she had to set were passed in such bad positions, I was surprised she was able to get to them, much less set up a hitter.

    Texas has so many weapons that not everyone can get the amount of chances for kills that they would on a team where they are the main hitter. Get one more hits, another will get less. I tend to favor get more balls for Micaya than any other player. Although this game was pretty balanced: Micaya 23 attacks-10 kills; Brionne 16 attacks-7 kills; Morgan 11 attacks-5 kills; Yaazie 18 attacks-9 kills and Logan 16 attacks-9 kills.

    I was very impressed with Tx State's play. They are a pretty good team with an excellent chance to win their conference. They certainly had no fear of Texas.
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  3. Run Pincher

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    Bab, my issue with Shook isn't her ability, but her decision making. She often just sets the wrong person and her over on 2 drives me nuts. The good teams have scouted her out and are waiting for it. You have to know you have an opening for the over on 2, otherwise it's coming back hard enough to take your face off. It's almost automatic for the other team if it's not successful. Very low reward/risk probability.

    I'll say though I thought she did much better last night. Although having Yazzy back I'm sure helped too. At least we now have a hitter that can take someones face off even if it's a fan 3 rows up in the stands.
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  4. BabHorn

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    saw that a couple of times! :beertoast:

    I don't know enough about VB to state what Ashley is doing right or wrong. I do know she has been effective and is better with a year's experience under her belt, like one would expect to happen. I am pretty happy with her play and guess I will just continue to smh when people continue to criticize her play.

    I do understand that others with a better understanding of VB and a setter's responsibility are a lot better position to critique. The way I see it, if a better setter comes along, that player will start. Just like Petersen beat out Hahn, Rounsaville and Gabriel for the starting Libero position.
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    I am in the group of fans who knows just enough about volleyball to be semi-dangerous with my comments. Never played it but did have a daughter who started at MB on her high school team(6-A). So I kept my mouth shut about the coaching and other players. Now I have another source......announcers. A lot of what I go by is what the announcers say to validate my high level observations. There have been times this year where an announcer(s) says the sets are "slow" and "too high". I haven't heard any announcer specifically question Shook's "decision making" but that is just my own observation regarding where the set is going and its success/failure. I liked the small setter we had previously but heard many times that she was taken advantage of at the net. So was happy to get a 6'-1" setter who could block. Guess I thought a freshman setter could adapt to the highest levels quickly...…...and there have been some recent teams that have won big with a freshman setter (don't ask me to name them but remember the announcers talking about it). The setter is like a point guard in basketball...……...they touch the ball so much that their success/failure is out there for everyone to see. So Shook is doing ok in my book...……..I was just expecting more and for it to come quicker. She may be an All-American before she is through. And I hope so. Starting tonight. Hook Em
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