TEXAS vs TT (9-24-22) Pre-Game only

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Godz40acres, Sep 19, 2022.

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    I like the fact that Ewers is healing quickly, but weird stuff happens in Lubbock. I hope he's well and ready and Deruyter (sp) has to prepare for him, but I hope they hold him out, let him knock the rust off against WVU, and start in The Cotton Bowl.
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    I am left wondering if part of having QE suit up is precisely to keep other teams off-balance while ALSO allowing QE to remain a full participant in team activities and maintaining as much of the routine as his condition allows.
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    Longhorns face a winnable road game on Saturday

    Texas should beat Texas Tech on Saturday. If the Longhorns take the game seriously, it shouldn’t be close.

    The Red Raiders did lose Riko Jeffers and Colin Schooler, whose absence could leave a void for Bijan Robinson to gash. The two linebackers combined for 178 tackles last season.

    A cursory view of Texas Tech’s season shows improvement from the Red Raiders, but not so much on the offensive side of the football.

    Tahj Brooks leads all Texas Tech rushers with 132 yards on 27 carries. SaRodorick Thompson is next on the leaderboard with 98 yards on 21 carries.

    Tech quarterback Donovan Smith has 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions on the young season. The Raiders aren’t shying away from passing the football, though. Smith has completed 71 of his 110 attempts through three games.

    Tech is fourth in the nation in pass yards per game with 373.7. In contrast, their 101.7 rush yards per game is good for No. 113 in the FBS.

    [More at LW]
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    You know that with the knowledge of QE suiting up has to impact the way TT and others will need to alter their defensive plans.....could be very disruptive for others to game plan since it was probably expected by TT (others) that QE would not be returning for 5-6 weeks based on earlier reports. Hopefully Card will have a great game with key passing success (X, S, W, C & others) mixed with the successful rushing of B, R and K!!!
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    I wonder if 4-6 weeks was bogus from the get go?
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    Probably a worse case assessment. Hard to say until the inflammation goes down (which was 3-5 days after the game). Also the injury wasn’t to the legs or throwing arm. So, it has an easier path to heal.
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    Grading the D


    Entering this season, PK and his coaches weren’t afforded as many portal “draft selections” as the offense, meaning they were going to need to make do with players returning from the previous disappointing season.

    Fortunately three key factors worked in PK’s favor to improve that group:
    Young, promising players ready to receive more snaps
    Older players still with room for improvement
    Want-to and buy-in​
    PK was able to add Ryan Watts at corner and Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey at linebacker, but for the most part, the story on defense has been development.

    Interior D-Line: A-
    At times last season the interior defensive line was incorrectly blamed for poor run defense. Too often they did their job while there were breakdowns on the edge or behind them at linebacker. This year they’re able to stunt more often, but much of the design of the defense remains with the goal to funnel the ball carrier to the linebackers.

    Through three games, the six notable tackles have combined for 32 tackles, 3 losses, and 1.5 sacks.

    Edge: B
    When accounting for every factor, Barryn Sorrell might be the most important player on defense right now. Not setting a hard edge in the run game was the major point where run defense broke down last season.

    Both Sorrell and Ovie Oghoufo are playing the run better, but as pass rushers they do get too far upfield. That can be a tough habit to break because you think the QB is right around the corner, but really he’s taking advantage of the lane you just created.

    Linebacker: B
    Jaylan Ford struggled in the opener and then played a role in the long touchdown against Bama, but since then he’s been much improved. He seems to be seeing plays develop faster and faster.

    DeMarvion Overshown receives the ‘bad luck’ award. He’s been called for two highly questionable calls that have overshadowed his athletic and enthusiastic play. Though he’s improved off the ball, he’s still not a read and react linebacker. What he is, he’s a dangerous weapon the defensive play caller uses to point and shoot.

    Safety/Star: B+
    To me, safety is the most improved position on the team. Both Anthony Cook and Jerrin Thompson underscore the value of intelligence in the back-end, plus their effort level has been exceptional.

    Communication is key at the position and Thompson is the leader in that regard. Communication will be huge this weekend in front of a belligerent crowd and whirring tortillas.

    [More at IT]
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    Dee Fence ...

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    Wonder how much of the improvement can be attributed to Gary Patterson?
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    Always some interesting things to think on. I do find it odd that the interior was incorrectly blamed for errors at other positions. Probably true, but there’s probably occasions when others are incorrectly blamed too. But there’s never been a player that was always in the right spot at the right time. Sometimes it’s their error, sometimes it’s how everything unfolded on a given play that dictated the true outcome. I am curious as to how much true insight writers have into what actually should happen versus what we all believe should happen. I’m not sure how many of them have ever actually applied anything to the athletic field though.

    I still have the mindset that’s it’s a front 4 versus interior/edge. I can tell you with certainty that this year the LBers are kept cleaner because the interior and edge are not only creating more chaos but are making more plays. The Oline is not getting free/quick releases to the 2nd level. But last year as the year progressed, this may have become worse. No idea if that’s different teams philosophy, scouting, my imagination, but it’s something to be mindful of moving thru the rest of the season. I’m more confident that Coburn, Broughton, Ojomo, Murphy and Sweat will continue to create problems.

    You can certainly debate the most improved unit. The positive for us is there is a legit debate at interior, edge and safety. I’d go with the front 4 simply because it is the #1 priority of a defense. Control the LOS. Then safeties clean up. And what I like about it is that it’s pretty much the same guys - all improved over last year. Go figure.

    We have seen improvement to date, but there’s a long way to go. Thus far we’ve been far luckier than last too. UTSA left some plays on the table that were not of our doing. Two pick sixes which were more poor play on our opponents part. Bama dropped some balls. We still miss too many tackles and some instances in which there’s technically no missed tackle cause we’re lost and don’t get there.

    There’s a right to be pleased. Keep playing hard.
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    Yep. Interesting question. I’ll never know unless you tell me.
  15. mchammer

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    Didn’t see Broughton play last Saturday. I did see Collins a lot.
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  16. Your Wrong

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    12 plays for Broughton. 2 pressures, no tackles. 3 runs/9 passes on his snaps.
    21 plays for Collins. 1 pressure, 1 tackle. 9 runs/12 pass plays on his snaps.
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    Certainly some of it. Exactly how much is really hard to quantify.
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    Thanks. I wonder the split per half. I noticed Collins more in the 2nd half.
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    I’m not aware of that information being available anywhere. I don’t recall enough to even provide any feel for who played when.
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    I really like Coach Sark's gamesmanship. It's not sly, it's straight forward.

    I don't think Ewers starts. But Tech can't game plan around a single QB.
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    Tech's play-caller is Zach Kittley, is a decendant of Mike Leach's Air Raid offense scheme.

    While at Washington, Pete Kwiatkowski's defense dominated the Leachy Cougars.

    "No matter what Leach threw (literally) at Kwiatkowski’s defenses, PK was always a step ahead. Wazzu never topped 20 points against a defense Kwiatkowski coordinated or co-coordinated."
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    Roll the stone away...
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