Texas vs. TTU -Nov 24 @7pm

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I wonder if part of Tech's problem, besides how monumentally stupid it was of them to fire Leach just so their admins could win a dick-measuring contest, was TCU joining the Big 12. Before that, they were the only P5 team in northern Texas.

    It's also a program that does not have a single outright conference or division title in the last 60 years. That's right - not once have they finished alone in the #1 spot in the Big 12, Big 12 South, or SWC.

    The last time it happened to them was in 1955 in the farce known as the Border Conference (which Tech won with an undefeated conference record most years despite generally finishing with 2 to 5 ooc losses).
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    Clearly this means he should come back for another season

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    Some schools you have to put up with some blowing dust on occasion. Others it's the stench of exhaust fumes and transient pee that's the problem. Pick your poison.
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    Like that's somehow relevant to my post pertaining to the last three years at UT. Nice post, good thinking on your part.
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    smoke on ...

    READY ... NOW
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    gonna seriously miss POONA IN THE MIDDLE!
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    Nice to see Graf's name on the depth chart.
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    Tech to me seems about the same over the last 40 years. A decent offense and a crapfest D. Leach didn't win any big games as I recall. Maybe an upset. Leach beat A&M but so did Dykes. Leach's Defense really sucked.
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    If only, if only....
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    They were the “giant killer” several years wx it was us, oU, or aggys flash in the manzel pan.
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    The six fans of Berzerkley that attended the Holiday Bowl and Aaron Rodgers would disagree, not to mention those of us in Jones Stadium watching their wouldbe basketball player turned WR knock us out of the national championship game.
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    It's mostly a mid-week emotion, but ahh got a feeling the Horns are going to bury Tech Fri night......

    :hookem: :hookem: :hookem:
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    Like old times.
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    Yes, historically tcu has recruited well in west texas. But when ttu joined the SWC years ago it hurt tcu's recruiting. It has taken the frogs awhile to get the recruiting mojo back in the North and west Texas areas. Even so, they remain big recruiting rivals for North and west texas. Bob Lilly, Sam Baugh, Norm Bulaich (sp) and others helped tcu bag some big wins long ago. With Patterson adding stability and success to the mix, the frogs will keep the recruiting advantage over ttu, imo.
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    Eve of Tech game.

    I'm full of turkey... some of it wild! Fri. will be Sr. Night at DKR. STILL thinking HORNS will kick some serous red raider ***!!:hookem:

    What say You?
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    Texas plays their best game of the year and destroys Tech 44-10
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    Tell you what,,,,I'm pretty pumped...almost like first game of season, but not gonna be same result. Hookem :fiestanana:
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    Like Leach but his winning percentage wasn’t much better than Spike Dykes’. And Spike didn’t go around picking fights with administrators
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    And then theres Lubbock. :facepalm:
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    Rarely has any coach had more reason to fight with the administration than Leach did. While I have been told that Gerald Myers had no say in the action, the administration hiring private investigators to follow Leach around and dig up dirt, including possible alcoholism was pretty low rent. Again, this was before his last contract, which Leach left on his desk unsigned for months. The the ******** sent Myers in to smooth things over with Leach.

    The people of the High Plains are the greatest people I have ever met, but for those that are Tech supporters, they deserve better than Hance, et al. and certainly better than any piece of **** that lets Craig James, his wife and kid anywhere near their school or athletic program.
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    Is Tech going to bust out special uniforms again for tonight’s..........what do they call it, Lone Star Rivalry, shoot out, show down?
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    The best part of that video for me is the 1st 5 secs where Case is pumping Justin up. That is what being on a TEAM is all about.
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    A good over/under for this game might be field goal attempts.

    Both kickers or so bad, the teams may just eschew trying at all. Go for it on 4th down every time.
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    I personally liked the 0.5 second shot of the aggy sideline, showing Sherman with his head down. Probably knew the loss sealed his fate. Funny thing is I have always felt that Sherman was better suited for the sec sec sec and might have actually competed there. But NOOO! Aggy had to have the splash hire to go along with their move.

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