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    I started watching midway in the 1st half. It was brutal. banks was getting a lot of playing time. I don't know why, I guess Shaq was in foul trouble.

    Could not take it so I switched to Baylor vs KU, thinking I would watch the full game tomorrow.
    Came back with 3 minutes to play. We tried to give it away but TTU would not take it. We hit 1 of 5 free throws and Roach picked up his dribble. then just started dribbling again.

    I think the earlier pressure of Roach trying to be the ball handler/distributor has taken it's toll on him. Jones is a much better option and Yancy is not able to do it.
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    the first time Roach got in the game he dribbled down the court and then suddenly the ball flew over the backboard. I thought a ttu player had knocked it out. But no, the ball was off Roach. Instant turnover. I feel sorry for him. He's trying really hard, but he struggles so much handling the ball. Has that deer in the headlights look a lot.

    Next year will be better for him. Pressure will be off, he can go back to his natural position. To his credit he did hit a couple of FT down the stretch, and played decent defense. And I'll give him big cred for dishing to Davis in the last half minute when Davis hit the three to win the game. That was a quality assist.
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    I was watching at the time but I wasn't sure what had happened. I told my wife I have been watching hoops for 50 years and never have seen a shot go over the backboard on the fly. I'll watch the whole game on LHN tomorrow.
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    This team doesn't feel momentum shifts. When they were up by 9 with about 12 minutes left, they just kind of went into a hole and let Tech steal all mojo for the next few minutes.
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    The confused and not so great point guard situation is beginning to clear up. Jones had 11 points, 7 assists, and only 3 turnovers in 35 minutes. While Roach had 5 points, 2 assists and 4 turnovers in 33 minutes. The freshman just seems to have a better feel for the position, and he doesn't panic in traffic, and doesn't often get trapped in traffic, and finds teammates easier than Kerwin. So this will be good for everyone as this season plays out. I'm guessing Roach sees less time at the point and more at shooting guard; while Jones, when he is in, will almost always be at the point. Unless, Shaka calls a specific play where he wants Kerwin at the point. This should help the team. Players are gaining confidence in Jones; and at the same time they want Kerwin to succeed. So the emergence of Jones is a win win.

    Jones is improving and getting more comfortable at point. Kerwin will be happy to settle back at SG. Shaka is playing a lot of 3 guard sets--Davis, Roach, jones--with Young coming in with opportunities to light it up. I like this move. Young needs to play to his strength without being forced into a position he isn't suited to. He is a shooter. Period. Davis is more versatile. He has the 3, can drive, and is able to drive and float it once or twice a game. Plus, he is emerging as the team leader. I like his presence, always positive.

    Look for Jones or Davis to feed Kerwin for an eye popping alley oop slam dunk soon. Kerwin hasn't been able to show off his incredible vertical jump all season. I miss it. Come on Shaka, you know that play is in the book! Let the dogs loose!!
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