Texas vs UTRGV 01/09/22

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Jan 9, 2022.

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    Anyone who has coached at a HS level or above knows that every year on every team there is always a player who doesn't jive with the coach for one reason or another. Usually its because a coach sees something in that player that the player doesn't see in themselves and it makes things hard because for the coach that frustration often manifests itself with being overly harsh with that player/benching them etc.
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    They are doing what they've always done which is counting attendance with paid tickets. Season ticket holders whether they showed up or not are in that number.
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    I wonder if the “problem” with Kyndall may have to do with team dynamics and chemistry? I have tried to think what sort of things might be appropriate to be handled by Jo and Audrey ( senior leadership) rather than the coaches and that seems to be a possibility. Certainly hope they can get whatever it is worked out.
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