Texas vs WV

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by old65horn, Jan 14, 2017.

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    No Thread. Lack of interest?
  2. Walking Boss

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    Not much point for this season. Different game, same story. This collection of players are mostly unwatchable.
  3. VYFan

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    Final score was close. I suppose that is good.
  4. Hoop

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    I saw parts of the game and most of the second period. It was actually pretty good. I mean, WVU is a good team, but Texas played them tough. Texas shot nearly 50%, 36% from 3, and 78% free throws - all better than WVU. They were out-rebounded by one but had 6 more assists than WVU 12-6. They committed almost 20 turnovers. The box score and the game are pretty close.

    I'd say that's not too bad when you lose your leading scorer.
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  5. Win

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    I think there were about 3-5 possessions where we broke the WV press and Jones had a look at the lane and missed badly on lay-ups and another possession where Roach drew a foul in the backcourt and missed the front end of the 1 and 1. Its painful to not capitalize on those possessions in those close games.
  6. caryhorn

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    The game was back and forth, Texas had the lead often. Our team played with heart energy and courage. Did not back down from the # 10 team in the country and had a chance to win. 19 turnovers were the difference. But that is what happens with freshmen guards, no true point, and WVU is leading the country in causing turnovers. That is why they are a legit top ten team.

    We are a basket away in most losses. That's with 3-4 freshmen on the floor the whole game. And our freshmen are not the fab 5 of UM days of old. But they are good.
    I never would have guessed we would have almost won the game without Mack.
    Team showed they are with Shaka 100% on the Mack situation. No quit in this bunch.

    Good things are coming. Its tough to watch now, but its gonna change, and when it does it will be special. :hookem:
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