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    Going back to the 1977-1978 season, I broke down the rosters by state and country. If a player was listed on the roster, I counted it as a 'player season'. Turns out Oklahoma has contributed more than any other state (almost double 3rd place California). I counted Lashann from the Bahamas rather than the listed Texas because I wanted to and Texas already had enough. Also, I did not exclude redshirts or walk-ons because, while this little endeavor proves I have far too much free time, I am not that detail-oriented.
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    A few Texas players from Oklahoma that come to mind:
    Amber Hasenmyer, Dee Smith, Kristi Inman, Fey Meeks, Kala Bowers
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    A few things that stood out as I went through the rosters:
    • The 5 player seasons from Georgia came from 2 players from Marietta - Celina Rodrigo accounted for 4 of them.
    • Celeste will be the first baller from the Empire State since the 1978-1979 season.
    • Whole lotta Duncanville over the years.
    • Jody was hitting West Texas hard in the 80s and early 90s: Nazareth, Canyon, Fritch, Amarillo, Lubbock...
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    Can't believe only one each from Miss. and Louisiana.
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