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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Jan 8, 2021.

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    Depth is going to be a huge issue with this team and during a pandemic even more so. Our expectations should be on the floor based on that fact alone and if they get exceeded great.

    Back in December when I read the article prior to the Tennessee game (non-game); I thought it was a red flag this team didn't have any captains. I really was critical in my own mind of Vic in terms of what message that sends to his team. After yesterday's game, I understand why we don't have any captains. A captain needs to be mature and have the leadership that is capable of getting the team out of a death spiral. It's clear we don't have that. Let's see if we can regroup and play better Thursday. Adding Ebo back into the mix will do wonders.
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  2. Jacob Johnson

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    Agreed I think it's safe to say everyone did not have high expectations with Texas at the beginning of the season. I know I didn't expect us to challenge for a big 12 title. It wasn't until we were winning at a high rate and only loss to a very good aggie team with Collier not scoring is when everyone's expectations began to rise.

    We still cannot forget that this is Vic's FIRST YEAR. I am personally very pleased on what he has done thus far considering how little time they had to prepare in the off-season as well as not having a full team practice this entire season. There is no doubt these players have developed under Vic and his staff. Vic with a full and healthy team will be a team you want to watch. But let's all not forget it's his first year so even if Texas does not win a big 12 title that is nothing to be mad about.
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    Well....I missed the game. Doesn’t sound like I would have liked it. I’ll chalk this one up to ......just one of those games most teams will have during the season. Sure hope they don’t replay it anywhere so that I might be tempted to watch a little. I’m on to next game....which I’m sure will be better.
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  4. brnkj

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    Yes, this type of game tends to happen to even the best teams. You just hope that it happens against an opponent that is far less talented so that you can eke it out. Neither was the case yesterday. Regroup and keep the rebuilding process moving forward. Yep, rebuilding year... and next year as well.
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    It’s not as if anyone has called for him to be fired or expressed doubt in his ability to do great things in years to come, just simply expressing how the team yesterday was simply unprepared and that Carey was the better coach. I still have faith in the future
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  6. utfannforlife

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    Well I couldn’t disagree with this more. The school is literally featuring her in order to attract other top recruits. Since players will soon be able to be paid for their NIL, they want to show that Texas WBB has the reach to actually generate some revenue for their players. Her show and them consistently promoting her NIL is 100% driven by the school and athletic department.

    I also highly doubt any interviews she does in her spare time have ANY impact on her on court product
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  7. cynt

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    And it's ok for us to agree to disagree.

    Love me some Charli. Lost my mind when Vic was hired. I said thats the coach for Charli. Charli is great but she does need to develop more, learn 4 or 5 counter moves and learn how to move without the ball. When this happens she will dominate against tough defenses.

    And yes the chatter about her going to the wnba #1 did go to her head. Come on now these are young adults yes it went to her head. And that's ok. It would have went to my head too. But time to rebound, recover and refocus. She now knows what she will face the remainder of the season. Let's go to work and show them you have what it takes to win.

    And let me close by saying again, love me some Charli! Hookem Horns.
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  8. TempestHorn

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    Retweeted by Coach Vic today. I do hope we never lose this way again.
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  9. Jacob Johnson

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    Trust me, you will not see a loss like that ever again. I know this team got a serious come to Jesus talk and I think that loss really opened their eyes and you better believe it will be a different type of drive in practice this week
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    Whatever you do... don’t watch it.
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  11. WBBFAN19

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    Pretty sure Warren is still out for concussion protocol, that is why she did not play.
  12. BBV_Horn

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    Hmmm...they said on the webcast she didn’t practice and couldn’t play as a result...but whatever, hope we get her back SOON!!

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