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    I hope this can remain a positive thread for those posters who do feel a sense of gratitude for what Karen accomplished during her time as the head coach at Texas. I can only hope that those who don't have anything positive to say will just refrain from dishing out insults at her as it serves no purpose now that her time at Texas has come to a close. And, yes, I know the chances of Coach Aston reading this are slim; but maybe it can give some closure to those of us needing some.

    Thank you Coach Aston for taking on a challenging job which came with very high expectations. You may not have been the first choice of many (myself included) as your resume' was not littered with conference championships and post-season success; but, you accepted a job opportunity which Texas offered you where you believed you could find success. Most of us would have done the same thing if we were in your shoes, as jobs like this aren't offered regularly.

    Thank you Coach Aston for the wonderful young ladies you were able to bring to Texas. We as fans enjoyed watching players like Imani Stafford, Kelsey Lang, Brooke McCarty, Ariel Atkins, Lashann Higgs, etc. You and your staff helped them grow as players and young women; it's great when players like Imani speak publicly about all that you and Texas did to change their lives in a positive manner.

    Thank you Coach Aston for giving some incoming transfers a second chance at finding their happiness playing college basketball. It was great watching transfers like the Goudreau twins, Jatari White, etc. try to take advantage of a new opportunity at Texas. It's great that you believe in second chances.

    Thank you Coach Aston for making Texas relevant again in the recruiting landscape from coast to coast. Who would have ever thought Texas would host official visitors like Sabrina Ionescu, Megan Walker, Richea Jackson, etc.? You hit the ground running in recruiting, and landed difference-makers to help vault your program in an upward direction. For those of us who follow recruiting, you made it fun as we saw the interest in Texas peak due to you connecting and forming relationships with recruits and their families, and their coaches.

    Thank you Coach Aston for returning us to the Sweet 16 several times, and one very special Elite 8 season. Folks want to believe it's easy, and those milestones should happen every season at Texas even though they have been few and far between in the last 35 years or so. Most of us know how hard you had to work to achieve that.

    Thank you Coach Aston for trying to take care of your former players and helping them advance in their young coaching careers. While they didn't come with the coaching experience most would have preferred, your heart was in the right place in trying to give back to them based on what they gave to the university as players.

    Thank you Coach Aston for representing the university so well, and never making any comments to the media which caused embarrassment for the university and your program. That's easier said than done in this age of social media, where every word is scrutinized.

    Thank you Coach Aston for all the time you dedicated in trying to revive the Texas women's basketball program. Folks don't realize all the personal time you sacrificed in trying to succeed at Texas.

    I wish you nothing but the best in the future in your personal and professional life.
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    Thanks Karen Aston for the excitement from your Elite 8 season, for beating Texas A&M early in your head coaching career at Texas, for convincing Tina Thompson to coach here and for your ability to recruit heralded all-Americans to come play for the University.

    I look forward to a new era of Texas WBB. :hookem:
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    Karen did a lot of things well and she did them early on. After one painful losing season, we saw a marked improvement in both on-court results and recruiting. The fact that she was unable to sustain the improvement curve does not take away from what she in fact accomplished.

    She was, as del Conte says, a first-class representative of the University of Texas. Forever a Longhorn. I wish her only the best.
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    It's hard to admit I have a favorite Sooner, but it's Stacey Dales without a doubt:

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    Oh, Nadia

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    Celeste and her parents have ALWAYS been class acts:

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    I loved Karen’s style - best-dressed coach in the league. I wish Karen, her wife and their child future success, health, happiness and peace.
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    Daughter....not son...”Marilyn”....

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