Thanksgiving Day game...why ????

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by car54, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. car54

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    Why play on Thanksgiving? We aren't on true national TV being on FS1....Many people don't even get that station. With A&M vs LSU and NFL games on we won't get those TVs tuning in either. The stadium will be half empty if not for the other team's fans; like it was last year. We need to play this game on Friday or Saturday if it isn't going to be on true national TV ( in everyone's living room ). Why screw up the day if its not on everyone's TV.
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  2. dukesteer

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    It's the same debate every year. Thanksgiving is fine with me.
  3. easy

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    Turkey day is fine with me but they need to play one team every year and stop going back and fourth why not start up a yearly non conference with another power 5 team get the excitement back into it make fans want to come out and see the game
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  4. Olehornfan

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    Like ehhh A&M?
  5. easy

    easy 2,500+ Posts

    Been there done that. l
  6. BevoJoe

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    I prefer T+1 to have good TG then go to the game the next morning.
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  7. Statalyzer

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    I agree with Bevojoe.
  8. car54

    car54 1,000+ Posts

    I like T+1......Someone needs to make it happen. If our new AD doesn't like empty seats he would like it too. I have 6 tickets but only using two because Thanksgiving night keeps my kids and their spouses from attending due to relative functions that afternoon and early evening. If you and relatives live in Austin or close by its not an issue, but when you have to travel it is a big deal....
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  9. AustinBat

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    NO. Never.
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  10. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    It made sense when there was the tradition of playing our biggest in-state conference rival every year. Now that we are doing this round-robin approach it should be on Friday or Saturday and treated just like any other game. Then they could move the bye week to earlier in the season as well.
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  11. FWHORN

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    Same argument comes up every year, my position is unchanged, it needs to be moved.
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  12. PropositionJoe

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    hate thanksgiving games. much prefer t+1 or saturday.
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  13. MudHorn

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  14. majorwhiteapples

    majorwhiteapples 5,000+ Posts

    Let's see what the ratings are........
  15. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Was Texas the real site of the first Thanksgiving?

    According to many historians, the first Thanksgiving celebration in the United States took place in 1598 near El Paso. An expedition led by Spanish explorer Don Juan de Oñate journeyed from Mexico and, after months of arduous travel, arrived at the Rio Grande near what is now San Elizario. The exploration party and the indigenous people celebrated their accomplishment with a feast and Catholic ceremonies - 23 years before the Pilgrims held their famous dinner at Plymouth Rock.

    The Texas House and Senate each commemorated this historical milestone in 1990, and Gov. Rick Perry has recognized April 30 as the official day of the First Thanksgiving. For 20 years, the El Paso Mission Trail Association has conducted an annual historical reenactment of the event, and their work was honored by the Texas House in 2006.
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  16. Htown77

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    I like the game being on Thanksgiving. This topic has been debated numerous times on this board. Basically, depending on what your family does, you like or dislike the game being on thanksgiving. Really not much to discuss or argue about since it's going to be everyone's personal situation.
  17. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    There are still changes coming to college football. If the Big XII is shut out of the playoff again (a better chance after this weekend) all hell is going to break out in Norman and Austin. Norman because big game bob failed again and Austin because the value of the brand will take a small hit. Let's wait to see where Texas ends up in 5 years or so. However in the meantime chose TCU or Tech and move it back to home and home.

    While the $EC might reconfigure their schedule to accommodate a Texas-aggy game T or T-+1 aggy will balk as that takes away from their $EC cozy cream-puff schedule and will add another loss to their schedule on most years.
  18. AC

    AC 1,000+ Posts

    T+1 against a rival in state school. A couple of times it has been against TCU. I like that game. I think we need to make it the same day every year against the same team. TCU makes a lot of sense. I am sure many could fill in the blank on their school of choice. Baylor makes since. I would personally like that game since my wife is a Baylor alumnus.

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