Thanksgiving day NFL Longhorns

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by orngblud, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. orngblud

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    Charles Omenihu for Houston vs none for Detroit in the noon game...

    Connor Williams and Garrett Gilbert for Dallas vs none for Washington in the 3:00 game...

    I'll be rooting for a Texas two-step today... even though I probably would've anyway...
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  2. NRHorn

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    I miss the days of watching the NFL, I have no interest anymore. Free Agency started it. The WWE celebrations(after EVERY tackle) continued my spiral. Holdouts over a 10% dispute to “take care of my family”, nail in the coffin was this last preseason... no protest here- I love football for the team effort- it left the NFL.
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  3. Giovanni Jones

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    I miss the Thanksgiving Day UT-A&M game.
    Grateful for Texas v. ISU and Iowa v. Nebraska tomorrow.
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  4. Giovanni Jones

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  5. stanhin

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    Don't know how Watt could actually catch that ball being so close to the QB, but he did it. Good job.
  6. 2003TexasGrad

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    They said it but he really does look healthy out there.
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  7. stanhin

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    Texans are annihilating the Lions
  8. orngblud

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    Omenihu final stats: 2 tackles, 0 TFL, 0 sacks
  9. Giovanni Jones

    Giovanni Jones 1,000+ Posts

    Cowboys are earning the Lumpy Gravy award today.
  10. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    No Dak, the Cowboys are having a hard time this season ....
  11. HornHuskerDad

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    I thought the Cowboys were making progress on defense, but they definitely took a big step backwards today. On two of the Washington TDs, no Cowboy defender even put a hand on the runner - that's poor positioning on the defense.
    Now Dallas would be better off to lose out and get a high draft pick - either (a) take the best player available at the slot or (b) move down with a trade that nets an extra second-round pick to go with the lower first-round pick. At any rate, this season is down the tubes.
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  12. Joe Fan

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