THANKSGIVING is a fitting ending day - please read

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Orangeblood, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Mine is cooler.
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    But do the motorcycles make toast? [​IMG]
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    In the words of Jim Morrison: This is the end........
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    So, in cleaning up some of the trash on this thread, MajorTexasFan's post was inadvertantly deleted due to the damn connection speed and pathetic computer I'm working on. Since I could not reinsert it into the thread, I'm reposting it as a quote in this post.

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    Not hurt. Sad at what was destroyed for no good reason. There won't be another site like this place was in the early 2000s.
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    Also didn't mean to imply you were hurt. Was referring to others. Apologies
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    The shaggy attacks of Hornfans is not any different than the type of **** you hear from sooners at the Cotton Bowl
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    Thanks for the memories, arguments and opinions especially to Roger35 and Satchel.
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    I left long ago but this was my introduction to a forum for Longhorn fans. Adios!
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    In reply to:

    "Thanks for the memories, arguments and opinions especially to Roger35 and Satchel. "

    I am not sure I agree with the notion anyone needs to extend any kind of thanks to these two for their arguments or opinions on West Mall [​IMG]
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    Thanks y'all.
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    My husband had to tell me about this and am sadden - not surprised but saddened. I normally don't check stuff until the Baseball season that would have been a shocker! Thank you Robert & Katy for all you This site kept me sane when we expatriated to Germany and will be forever grateful.

    God bless and Hook'em
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    I think it's been about 6 years since I posted here. It really was a shame when the infamous rift that resulted in shaggybevo happened.

    HornFans was my introduction to message boards. In its heyday, it was best in class. I'll never forget the 2005 championship thread, and meeting some great people from this site in real life.

    Thanks, and best wishes to all. [​IMG]
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    Was a great site for a long time. Time to put it out to pasture.
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    Longtime reader / lurker -- and once in a while poster. Sorry to hear it will be shutting down. Compared to other sites this is still the site I'm most comfortable with and my favorite Longhorn fix [​IMG] Thanks for all you did for Longhorn fans over the years! [​IMG]
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    Edit: no need for me to quibble. Best wishes and thanks for all the good times.
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    Thanks for keeping the site open through the end of the football season. [​IMG]
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    It is with great sadness to see this site come to an end. My sincerest of thanks to Robert and Katie.

    I was "here" before this site and remember the transition. LIfe was different back then and this truly was the first site that I would visit literally for many years.

    I didn't post often but came to know many of you via the posts. We shared the ups and downs but it was always like a part of my family.

    The bookmark of all will all be missed but many amazing memories will remain.

    Thanks again to all who made this experience possible.
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    Read a lot. Posted very little. Will miss.
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    And thank you. I hope you change your mind.
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    Thanks for the effort, memories and the opportunity to opine, argue, agree, laugh and congregate. [​IMG]

    Unques prist - out [​IMG]
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    My wife would say "what are you doing?". Reading hornfans. This was an everyday occurrence. Your not paying attention. Are you on that website again? And then, after a couple of years, it was me asking her...

    And then one day I had to explain how I got a warning and she was pissed. How dare I cross that line. I'm a ******* idiot. The word that got me in trouble is now a code word for us when I know I'm right and she's wrong. "Shrocker". My warning told me that I was being sexist and racist at the same time.

    So ten years later we have the same conversation. Only now she asks if I'm on shaggy.

    Thanks for the good times. I miss it already. [​IMG]
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    The site that started my Longhorn net fandom...
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    What a coincidence. I was working out at the gym yesterday and saw a guy wearing a hornfans shirt on the treadmill in front of me. I haven't posted too much on here, but I enjoyed reading the things people had to say. The site will be missed.

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