That song that breaks your heart a little

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Dionysus, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Dionysus

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    I'm talking about that song that reminds you of a certain time and a certain someone.

    The song that, as soon as you hear its opening notes, immediately takes you back to that time and place. Back to that person, and your time together.

    Maybe you still love the song, maybe not — but it never fails to melt you.

    I’m talking about that song that breaks your heart just a little.

    For me: Dream Academy, Life in a Northern Town
  2. Bevo Incognito

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    If you love your dad like I love mine, this one just kills me:

    The Link

    When I was young, my Dad would say
    "Come on Son let's go out and play"
    Sometimes it seems like yesterday

    And I'd climb up the closet shelf
    When I was all by myself
    Grab his hat and fix the brim
    Pretending I was him

    No matter how hard I try
    No matter how many tears I cry
    No matter how many years go by
    I still can't say good-bye

    He always took care of Mom and me.
    We all cut down a Christmas tree
    He always had some time for me

    Wind blows through the trees
    Street lights, they still shine bright
    Most things are the same
    but I miss my Dad to-night

    I walked by a Salvation Army store
    Saw a hat like my daddy wore
    Tried it on when I walked in
    Still trying to be like him

    No matter how hard I try
    No matter how many years go by
    No matter how many tears I cry
    I still can't say good-bye
  3. huisache

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    The last act of Siegfried does it to me every time.
  4. darius

    darius 500+ Posts

    Wildest Dreams, Moody Blues.
  5. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts

    "Somewhere in my broken heart" Billy Dean.
  6. watashi

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  7. Sip94

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    The Link
    House of Pain
    Schmatzy, hair metal ballad, but this one works for me.
  8. WorsterMan

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    Good thread... my mind immediately went back to the summer of 1975...Moody Blues song was years after that but has always reminded me of her:

    I'm Not in Love - 10 CC
    Strange Magic ELO
    Us & Them - Pink Floyd
    I know your out there - Moody Blues

  9. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

  10. darius

    darius 500+ Posts

    Good call on I'm Not in Love.

    Another one: All By Myself, Eric Carmen.
  11. WorsterMan

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    OK Dion - I will tell you the name of mine if you tell me yours: mine was Pam, the one I should not have let get away. Your turn...
  12. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

    WorsterMan, here's the thing for me: the song I posted — and its corresponding time, place, memories — doesn’t necessarily imply a regret of what could have been, but maybe just a heartache for what was and is now gone forever.

    I’m with Nietzsche here. Amor fati.
    Love your fate.
  13. wewokahorn

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  14. WorsterMan

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    In reply to:

    "but maybe just a heartache for what was and is now gone forever"

    Looking at it that way, it would remind me of many songs from my youth and younger years:

    Here are a few off the top of my head:

    My Back Pages - The Byrds
    Reflections of My Life - Marmalade
    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
    Long & Winding Road - Paul McCartney
    I'm Not in Love - 10CC
    Us & Them - Pink Floyd
    Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold
    Time - The Alan Parsons Project

    BTW, Life in a Northern Town is a great choice.
  15. SunBurntOrange

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    Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs. Obviously not a tear jerker or sentimental song. For some reason though, I just remember it playing on the car radio while on my first date during a church ice skating trip with a girl I was crazy about while we were in eighth grade. And even today, thirty five years later, she remains unequaled by anyone the most wonderful and beautiful woman I have ever known.
  16. OldHippie

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  17. 1918Speedway

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    The Dangling Conversation - Simon & Garfunkle

    This is one of the saddest songs I know, about people growing apart over time.
  18. LonghornCatholic

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  19. LonghornCatholic

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  20. Statalyzer

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    It Makes No Difference - The Band
    Lover You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley

  21. The Eyes of Texas

    The Eyes of Texas 500+ Posts

    I will often times literally cry when I hear Sawyer Brown's "The Walk"
    David Geddes "The Blind Man in the Bleachers" also gets to me.
  22. beaVo

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    my first kiss happened while chicago's "hard to say i'm sorry" was playing.

    still think of that girl everytime i hear it.
  23. Uninformed

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    Anyone have a more recent song?
  24. gecko

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    I think the name of the song is "I hope you'll dance" (I think).

    The song was played at DKR during the Cole Pittman tribute, it then became a stable of the pregame music. Driving to Austin 6 times per year with my son had become a tradition and something I looked forward to as each season approached. The song never really hit me until we were at the last game of what was his senior year in high school and I knew the tradition had all but ended.

    It all worked out well, as he attended and graduated from UT Austin and has a job in the energy business.......but the song lingers because I recall having my heart ripped out at that last game.

    Dammit....wife needs to do some dusting in this house.
  25. acworthhorn

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    I started crying the other day listening to Richard Thompson's '52 Vincent Black Lightning. The song is so well written it brings tears to my eyes.
  26. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer 250+ Posts

    When my Dad passed away a few years ago, this was played at his funeral.

    The Link

    He adored the great hymns. I love this version and Sarah Kelly's vocals. Brings me to tears every time.
  27. NightFlyer

    NightFlyer 250+ Posts

    And on a broken heart note, there's only ever been one girl who smashed my heart into a million pieces. This song came out about that time, and never fails to move me.

    The Link
  28. Reborn_Horn

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    Diamond Rio - One More Day

    Timing wasn't right...damn it [​IMG]
  29. El Torito

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  30. Statalyzer

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