The 2021 Football season

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Jan 20, 2021.

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    The other side of that argument is that Coach K can say the same thing to the recruits about the next layer of players that OU, OSU, and Bama would say about the DT. We just won’t recruit as many DT as they do and those three teams you mentioned won’t recruit as many LBers as us. That might be the reason we got three transfers at the same position with Thornton, Oghoufo, Ben Davis. My only concern at DT is if Brougton is ready to step up and fill in when our other three DTs need more rest in the second half of games. We are good with Corburn, Sweat, and Collins.

    As far as the other coaches using our history of lack of players getting drafted against us with recruits that would be an argument about past coaches with different schemes. Those other coaches are going to do that no matter what the situation is. We have a great response now that we got new coaches with different schemes. They can show the stats that show how Coach K has a history of getting results quickly in ranking of his defenses and he has got players in the NFL. Watch this video about Coach K. It will make you feel better with what to expect out of our defense.

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    I'd rather have Mitchell here....unless he will remain a malcontent.
    He was emerging as a real force and would continue to beside DeM0.
    Needs to screw his head on right and walk through the open door..I hope he changes his mind(and heart) and remains.
    But we are looking for a fresh start and if he cannot be a part of that for be it...likely be unfortunate for both parties.
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    Kids be dumb, I remember being his age and being dum as dog poop. Probably still am. The one thing some kids don't get is opportunity looking them in the face. Mitchell can't see it so he doesn't take advantage of it.

    As far as I know, Texas is a very competitive place, maybe he needs to transfer to a less competitive school like UTSA who will give you a C for just showing up every class.
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    Sometimes you can’t fix stupid. It’s unfortunate but you have to move on.
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    Monster season? Slow down on that kool-aid
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    "Ye of little faith"
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    Agree on Thompson, if he gets the start, he will have a monster season and likely go pro. However, Card is the better passer, but physically he isn't ready for the pounding he will take. This is why I want Thompson over Card right now. Unless Card is just too good to keep off the field, I see no reason to start him over Thompson who from the looks of things is a NFL quality QB in his own right.
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    I've talked Casey up long before most people on here thought anything of him, but I'd be shocked to see him in the NFL after 1 year of college ball.
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    You mean after one year as a starter in college ball. FIFY
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    I wouldn't be shocked. Casey showed me a small bit of his talent in the colorado game. He is accurate, he has a good deep ball, but the big thing is that he has a very quick release.

    I will say this. He is a better passer than Jalen Hurts.

    I think in this offense, if he is the starter he will be showcased enough to get drafted. Where? I have no idea.

    However if I had to put my money on who would be the better QB, I'd dump it all on Hudson Card.

    However, I don't think Hudson can take the pounding of a full season, not with our offensive line. This is why I want Thompson, he is more physically mature and ready for the college game.

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